Green Devil Bands

  • Green Devil Bands have played an important role in St. Petersburg High School traditions over the school's 100+ year history, and is one of the largest student activity groups on campus.

    Green Devil Bands contribute greatly to school spirit. They are active all year and participate in a variety of performances, including pep rallies, football games, marching band competitions, concerts, and parades.  The bands include marching band, concert and symphonic bands, and jazz band.
    You don’t have to be a musician to be a member of the marching band community!  The color guard is an important factor in the marching band performance because it provides a dramatic visual interpretation of the music and often is the focal point for the audience. The color guard enhances the storyline and helps the audience to be more engaged with the music and overall performance.
    The band community is a cross section of students from all grade levels and all academic areas of the school.  For those who are new to St. Pete High, it is an excellent way to immediately get involved in the school community and to make new friendships that will last for years.
    For more information or questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the Band Director, Ms. Aucremann (AUCREMANNK@PCSB.ORG), and visit the marching band’s website.  Best of all, find someone who is a member of the marching band and ask them how much they enjoy it!

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