Center for Communiations, Journalism, and Multimedia

  • As the Pinellas County's Middle School Center for Journalism and Multimedia, our journalism course teaches TV production, and multimedia technology, and multimedia journalism.  All of these facets are tied into our award-winning school newspaper, The J.Hop Times. Our magnet programs offer "Focus Classes", in which students pick a point of interest and focus on that area in great depth, allowing students to study their area of interest in great depth during two-period blocks each day. With highly qualified, expert teachers in each focus area and state-of-the-art facilities to support the programs, there is no better place for your student to follow their passion than John Hopkins Middle School.

    The Center for Journalism and Multimedia magnet offers students the ability to specialize in one of three different areas: Journalism, TV Production, and Multimedia Technology. The cornerstone of the program is the production of the J.Hop Times newspaper, per its tandem website,, and a TV morning show. The J.Hop Times has been named the most outstanding middle school newspaper by Weekly Reader multiple times.

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    Course Progression:

    Grade 6: Journalism 1

    Grade 7: Journalism 2

    Grade 8: Journalism 3


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    Andres Faza
    Instructor: Mr. Faza
    Marcus Grayson
    Adjunct Instructor: Mr. Grayson
    Joseph Parler
    Adjunct Instructor: Mr. Parler