• Program Overview

    John Hopkins Middle School offers three magnet programs, including Center for the Arts and Center for Journalism. Starting in the 2021-2022 schoolyear, we are excited for the return of the Gifted Studies program at John Hopkins! 


    Center for the Arts

    Within our arts program, we offer course strands including band, chorus, orchestra, theatre, dance, and visual art. 


    Center for Communications, Journalism and Multimedia

     Withn the journalism program, students will study multimedia journalism, newpaper production, broadcasting skills, yearbook production, and will use hands-on, 21st century equipment to enrich their learning.


    *NEW* Center for Gifted Studies 

    We are proud to announce the return of the Gifted Studies program for the upcoming 2021-2022 school year! Within this program, we'll offer an enriching educational environment for our students to develop talent, creativity and critical thinking skills. 

  • Program Expectations:

    • Attendance: Students are expected to attend school regularly with minimal absences or tardies.
    • Academics: Students are expected to maintain a 'C' average in each class per semester
    • Behavior: Students are expected to follow all school rules, abide by the student Code of Conduct, and have minimal disciplinary infractions. 


    A plan of action will be developed for any students not meeting attendance, behavior and/or academic expectations. 

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  • Magnet Contact Information


    Magnet coordinator: Kim Vongsyprasom 

    Email: vongsyprasomk@pcsb.org


    Magnet Secretary: Lori Gillan

    Email: gillanl@pcsb.org

    Phone: 727-893-2400 x2036


  • General District Application Program Information:


    If you have questions about District Application Programs, please contact the following email or phone at DAP@pcsb.org or 727-588-6210.