If you are already a PCSB Volunteer, please sign-on (use v. sign-on password) to activate your registration. This is especially important to do soon if you want to go on your child’s field trip. See Sign-On Instructions below.

    New volunteers must complete the Volunteer Registration form. Drop off the registration (with a copy of your Driver’s License) to our front desk, ATT: Liaison. After a background check, you will be ready to volunteer. This can take up to 3 weeks, so plan ahead for field trip chaperoning.

    Sign-On Instructions:
    To Volunteer or chaperone, our volunteers must be ACTIVE in our volunteer system. Use Mozilla Firefox, go to portal website (below) and sign-on to our volunteer system to answer the confidentiality questions. This will activate you. Then, when you volunteer, please add your hours to this account. Our volunteer hours are very important to our school and county for showing how much our families and community do for the success of our students.

    Here is how to determine your username and password:
    (Case Sensitive; Use Mozilla Firefox)
    Go to
    There is a PCS Portal icon on the left-hand side of the page.
    Your username all lowercase is v.lastname, firstinitial
    (example for tom smith….. v.smitht).
    Your password is Last name (capitalize first letter only), year of birth (Smith1959)

    To Answer “Confidentiality Questions”(one time each year) and/or To Add Hours:
    Sign-on to v. portal using your username and password. In the upper left part of screen, there is a box that says “Volunteer”. Click on the box and select “add hours”.
    From there you will be asked to answer 10 questions (once per year); afterward, you will be able to add your volunteer hours.