• Welcome to the PPHS Guidance Department! 

    Pinellas Park High School Enter

    Mission Statement:
    We, the School Counseling Department, will work in cooperation with the entire P.P.H.S. community to facilitate the academic, career, and personal development of our students by aligning our resources and efforts to the P.P.H.S. school improvement plan so that each student achieves at his/her highest level.

    The Lamplighter
    The Guidance department is once again publishing The Lamplighter, our monthly department newsletter. An email has been sent to the students who are registered on PrepHQ advising them that they can view and/or print the Lamplighter from that site. We have chosen to do this rather than print many copies which go unread or get discarded and thus waste paper.

    We would encourage you to view the Lamplighter online or simply explore the PrepHQ website by going to www.prephq.com.

    At the top right of the home page, you type in pinellaspark (one word, no spaces).

    The next page you go to will be the Welcome page. The Lamplighter is under the link for Shared Files, which can be found in the blue side bar (on the left side of the screen), along with all of the other available links.

    The Pinellas Education Foundation Scholarship application is now open for graduating seniors. This is an opportunity for them to make one application and be considered for numerous scholarships, in particular the Richard Allen Memorial scholarship and the Derby Lane scholarship, just to name two.

    All applications MUST be done online at the foundation website:    www.pinellaseducation.org

    The students then click on Scholarships, read the Instructions, and then click on New Application. They can save their application and return to it later in order to complete the essay. The application deadline is in December of each school year.

    FastWeb: Search for Scholarships: Start Now!