A Hot Mess

 Here lies a empty water bottle killing the planet

While walking down one of the outside hallways in the afternoon, one is likely to see the remnants of lunch drifting in the breeze. The putrid fumes’ of rotting cafeteria food wafts through the air, and prepare yourself for the bugs. These creepy crawlers congregate near any significant food source, including the leftover unidentifiable “lunch” meat behind the trashcan. 

   Littering is a growing problem facing St. Pete High and it’s frankly disgusting the amount of trash that ends up everywhere but the trash can. Just dropping trash where you stand puts the already short-handed maintenance staff out because they have to pick it up. But more than that, litter is just a bad representation of our school. There are a number of trash cans scattered around the campus.  If one needs to throw something away, a receptacle is always just around the corner.  
   So, the question persists, why litter in the first place? One student claimed that he littered out of anger. A common statement was that students would just lob their trash at the nearest trash can and if this failed they simply wouldn’t go pick it up. Teachers have reported seeing students dumping trash into a particular spot with little regard for the location of the nearest trash can or anything else.   
   While one student can’t stop all campus-wide littering, we all play our part. Obviously throwing away your trash in the trashcan is good place to start. If you see a friend pitch their wrapper behind the bench, say something. This problem could be solved easily if everyone gave a little effort.