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    About Us

    The Cambridge Secondary 1 curriculum is an internationally recognized program of advanced studies administered and assessed by the world renowned University of Cambridge. Cambridge certification has been recognized for the past fifty years and valued for its high standards, lifelong skill and abilities developed by students who complete the program. Successful completion of the Cambridge program is proof of a high quality education that encourages complex problem-solving and evaluation skills valued by the academic and business world in over 140 countries. At Pinellas Park Middle, the Pre-AICE program will expose students to a challenging and rigorous curriculum through inquiry-based instruction in the areas of English, Mathematics, Social Studies, and Science. Students will also have opportunities for hands-on learning both in and outside of the classroom.



    Core Courses  

    6th Grade 7th Grade 8th Grade
    English 1 Cambridge English 2 Cambridge English 1 Honors
    Science 1 Cambridge Science 2 Cambridge Pre-AICE Physical Science

    Grade 6 Math Cambridge or

    Accelerated Cambridge Math (Grade 6-8 level)

    Grade 7 Math Cambridge or

    Pre-AICE Math 1 (Algebra 1 Honors)

    Pre-AICE Math 1 or

    Pre-AICE Math 2 (Geometry Honors)

    U.S. History Cambridge Civics Cambridge World History Cambridge


    Recommended Electives 

    6th Grade 7th Grade 8th Grade
    Beginning Spanish Spanish 1 Spanish 2

    Information and Communication

    Technology 1

    (ICT 1)

    Information and Communication

    Technology 2

    (ICT 2)

    Digital Information

    Technology (DIT)

    Pre-AP Visual Arts


    Any course (under core and elective) in gold is a high school credit course. 

    Students in the Cambridge program may take any elective course offered at PPMS, but students are highly recommended to take all three Spanish and Technology courses if they are in Pre-AICE.



    Who is Successful?

    Students who score a 3, 4, or 5 on all FSA assessments are the most successful in Cambridge. In addition, students who can make A’s and B’s on their report card, and maintain a 3.0+ GPA are good candidates for the Pre-AICE program.


    How to Apply

    Go to www.focus.pcsb.org during the application period.



    The mission of Pinellas Park Middle is to educate students for college, career, and a global society.

     Students Experiment Cambridge Science Students


    • Provides excellent preparation for students progressing to AICE Cambridge approved high schools, or any other rigorous program.
    • Teachers are specially trained to engage all different types of learners with various ways and strategies of teaching.
    • Students in Cambridge may take any elective course offered at PPMS, there are no restrictions!
    • Students will earn a minimum of 3 high school credits, and a maximum of 7 high school creditswithin the Pre-AICE program.
    • Students will participate in the National History Day Fair, and have the opportunity to earn scholarships based on their project.
    • Students taking Digital Information Technology (DIT) have the opportunity to earn official Microsoft Certifications.


    Visit the website www.pcsb.org/choice or call the Student Assignment Office at (727) 588-6210 for information about applying for one of the District Application Programs. The School Board of Pinellas County, Florida, prohibits any and all forms of discrimination and harassment based on race, color, sex, religion, national origin, marital status, age, sexual orientation or disability in any of its programs, services, or activities.