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    2019 Social Studies Team

    2019 Social Studies Team

    Constitution Day

    2017 Constitution Day

    Pinellas County Schools Social Studies

    Social Studies is the "integrated study of the social sciences and humanities to promote civic competence," as defined by the National Council for the Social Studies.

    Common Core Standards for History/Social Studies

    Finance Park Unit for 8th Graders

     Finance Park Student Workbook

     As stated on the Stavros Institute's website, "Finance Park allows for a reality based, hands-on simulation for students that enables them to build foundations for making intelligent lifelong personal finance decisions. It also enables them to develop a realistic understanding of the economic issues they must deal with upon graduation from high school and in the development of a budget.

     At the culmination of a six week, integrated unit in school classrooms, students visit Finance Park to study the different financial decisions to be made, consider the options available to them and actually construct a personal budget. To facilitate the simulation, Finance Park focuses on decisions about transportation, investment, home improvement, banking, housing, entertainment, health care, utilities, food, home furnishings, clothing and education.

      The Finance Park program assists students by allowing them to:

    • Develop basic personal finance concepts
    • Utilize quality concepts to plan personal finances
    • Understand the advantages of saving and investing
    • Understand the advantages and disadvantages to using credit
    • Allocate time wisely and follow a time schedule
    • Work within a group structure to acquire, evaluate, organize and maintain information"

    National Geography Bee

     Geography Bee
    Please see Ms. Buidens for more information about the National Geographic Bee.

    Hands On Projects

    Project         Great Pyramid of Giza

    6th Grade Museum of Fine Arts Field Trip

    Museum of Fine Arts      Museum of Fine Arts  


    Social Studies Class Websites

    Mr. Hamilton on NBC Nightly News

    Mr. Hamilton on NBC Nightly News


    What Lessons are American Kids Learning From Contentious Election? NBC Nightly News


    What Lessons are American Kids Learning From Contentious Election? NBC Nightly News


    Simulated Schoolyard Archaeological Dig

    "Archaeological excavation is conducted in a scientific manner and the process of digging and thinking about a site teaches skills of critical thinking and analysis that carry over to many different topics and disciplines. The following definitions, rules, and suggestions will help teachers explain archaeology and the goals of excavation to their students and allow them to conduct a simulated dig in a professional manner."-- Shelby Brown from her article "Basics of Archaeology for Simulated Dig Users."

    Click on the link below for the news story.

    Pinellas Park Middle Students Learn to "Dig" Archaeology

    arch dig website

    Social Studies Class Websites


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    National History Day


    Museum of Fine Arts-St. Petersburg