• Electives



    AVID  (By Application Only): Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) is an elective class that provides support for students in the AVID program through curricular and mentoring activities. This course is designed to enable students to develop fundamental skills aligned with current curriculum.



    Pinellas Park Middle School offers Visual Arts 1, Visual Arts 2, Visual Arts 3, and 3D Studio Art 1 courses. 

    In Visual Arts 1, students are introduced to the rigor and routine of the art production process including:  planning, producing, and reflecting on art.  With an emphasis on studio arts, students explore a wide range of 2D and 3D media, skills and techniques, as related to contemporary and historical art perspectives.  Projects may include but not be limited to:  drawing, painting, printmaking, collage, mixed media, pottery, and sculpture. 

    In Visual Arts 2, students investigate contemporary and historical art themes using 2D and 3D media, skills and techniques; while engaging in the art production process within a studio arts environment.  Students create new meaning from various media formats, and communicate artistic ideas through the intentional use of the elements and principles of art within their work.  Students interpret meaning in their artwork and the artwork of others through discussion, on various artistic concepts, viewpoints, and themes; drawing their own conclusions and employing this knowledge both expressively and technically.

    In Visual Arts 3, students manipulate 2D and 3D media, skills and techniques toward a desired project outcome within a studio art environment through the exploration of either contemporary or historical art viewpoints.  Students explain the significance of their personal artwork, investigate multiple artistic project solutions, and create expressive and technically rigorous artwork requiring sequentially ordered procedures and specified media to achieve intended results.  Students actively employ thoughtful use of the elements and principles of art throughout the art production process with the intention of creating unified pieces of artwork.

    In 3D Studio Art 1, students learn to translate their two-dimensional skills into three-dimensional forms through the exploration of natural, abstract, and synthetic sculptural forms using materials that may include, but are not limited to, clay, plaster, and mixed media for creative expression. Student artists develop perceptual, creative, technical, and problem-solving skills in a sculptural context as they design and produce works of art with personal expression.


    Beginning Band: This band is intended for students with little or no musical experience. The class is intended for mainly sixth graders and some seventh and eighth graders who have no musical experience. This class will focus on mastering the fundamentals of playing an instrument, and basic technique and ensemble skills. The Beginning Bands will perform at concerts scheduled throughout the year. Private lessons are encouraged.

    Concert Band (Teacher Approval Required): This band consists of mostly seventh-grade students who have successfully completed the Beginning Band class. This ensemble will help students to build upon fundamentals learned Beginning Band and increase individual technique and musicianship. The Concert Band will perform at all concerts throughout the year and may participate in MPA. Private lessons are encouraged.

    Symphonic Band (Teacher Approval Required): This is the most advanced band, consisting of mostly eighth- and select seventh-grade students. This ensemble focuses on advanced ensemble and individual performance skills. The Symphonic Band will perform at all concerts scheduled throughout the year and will participate in the Music Performance Assessment (MPA). Membership is determined by musicianship status. Private lessons are highly recommended.

    Concert Choir:  This choir consist of students in all grade levels that have a passion for singing.  This ensemble will help students to build upon music fundamentals and expand their vocal technique.  The concert choir will perform at all concerts throughout the year and may participate in MPA.  Private lessons are encouraged.  



    Culinary: The purpose of the Fundamentals of Culinary Careers is to assist students in making informed decisions regarding their academic and occupational goals and to provide information regarding careers within Family and Consumer Science. The content includes but is not limited to the development of leadership skills, communication skills, and employability skills; resource management; exploration of careers in the culinary; food safety and sanitation; safe, proper use of culinary tools/equipment; interpreting recipes and developing menus; basic food preparation skills; front-of-the-house and back-of-the-house responsibilities; artistic presentation of food and use of technology in the culinary field. Reinforcement of academic skills (reading, writing, mathematics, science, history, public speaking, listening skills) occurs through classroom instruction and applied labs.  



    Gifted: This course is designed to enable exceptional students to acquire and apply the skills and abilities needed to enhance academic achievement through experiences which provide enrichment, in-depth learning, and /or accelerated study of academic curriculum requirements. Students who are gifted have learning needs that go beyond what is traditionally offered in the regular classroom. The nature of their abilities, demonstrated or latent, requires differentiated learning experiences and opportunities for them to maximize their potential. Teachers need to develop the depth and quality of their students’ experiences while adjusting the pace to meet individual needs. Gifted Students Only.


    Spanish, Beginning: M/J Spanish Beginning introduces students to the target language and its culture. Students will learn beginning skills in listening and speaking and an introduction to basic skills in reading and writing. Culture, connections, comparisons, and communities are included in this course. This course prepares students for the high school credit course, Spanish 1.

    Spanish I/II: The student will develop communicative skills in all 3 modes of communication and cross-cultural understanding. Emphasis is placed on proficient communication in the language. An introduction to reading and writing is also included as well as culture, connections, comparisons, and communities. This course earns high school credit: Grades for courses that offer high school credit in middle school will be used to calculate high school class rank and grade point average. For the purpose of determining the valedictorian and salutatorian, a graduating 12th grader may drop high school credit courses taken in middle school from the calculation if the courses are not needed for graduation. It is recommended that a middle school student enrolled in a high school credit course who earns a grade of “C”, “D”, or “F” repeat the course for forgiveness as defined in Board policy.



    Technology: This course introduces students to core concepts associated with computers and their use. The content includes hands-on opportunities to explore various software applications, including the creation of a template-based webpage and a basic computer program, programming instruction with the use of Alice from Carnegie Mellon University, internet safety and ethics, fundamental spreadsheet skills, presentation and graphics software, webpage construction, operation and function, use of GUI authoring tool, and fundamental computer programming and logic.