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    In health education, the core concepts of health education (community health, consumer health, environmental health, family life, mental and emotional health, injury prevention and safety, nutrition, personal health, prevention and control of disease, and substance use and abuse) are linked to health skills to develop functional health literacy. 

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    Physical Education

    Dear Parents/Guardians,

    Welcome to Physical Education at Pinellas Park Middle School. We are working to ensure the best learning situation for your child in Physical Education class.  We believe that all students can behave appropriately in our class and enjoy being active.  To ensure a positive environment, it will be necessary for all students to cooperate.  No student will be allowed to engage in behavior that is not in his/her best interest, in the best interest of others, or unsafe for any reason.  Students will not be allowed to stop a teacher from teaching or stop another student from learning.  We feel all parents want the best for their children and will work with and support us throughout the year. 


    1.       Be on time. You must be on the outside court or in the gym when the tardy bell rings. 

    2.       Stop all talking and other noises when the instructor is talking.

    3.       No gum, candy, food or drinks allowed in class.

    4.       Be courteous: respect others’ rights and property as well as PE equipment.

    5.       Remain in your assigned area at all times.

    6.       All electronic devices are to remain in the locker room, off and out of sight. 


    1.       Warning

    2.       Student-teacher conference, contact parent (phone, letter, email, behavior reflection )

    3.       Discipline referral to administrator


    1.        Student referred to Assistant Principal immediately. 


    1.       Will receive verbal or written praise.

    2.       Will earn good grades in Physical Education and in conduct.

    3.       Will work toward class certificates, rewards or special classroom privileges.


    Student’s grades will be based on participation, skill and assessments.  Grades are weighted in the following manner:

    25%        Participation - effort, attendance, dressing out, cooperation, sportsmanship

    25%        Skill - skill tests, skill improvement, observation

    25%        Cognitive - quiz, written test, reports, PE notebook

    25%        Fitness Improvement – using formal PACER data quarterly


    1.  DRESSING OUT:  Students are required to have a complete change of clothes for class.

    Athletic, nylon, or knit type shorts / pants are permitted in gym class.  Knee length Black shorts and a gray or white t-shirt for boys; mid-thigh to knee length black shorts and a gray or white t-shirt for girls are required for physical education, as well as appropriate footwear (tennis / athletic / sneakers).  Students may wear solid black shorts or green shorts with a Thunderbird logo on them and a school PE shirt with the Thunderbird logo on them.  Undergarments must not be visible.  When the weather is cold, sweat pants or warm-up suits may be worn over gym shorts and t-shirt. It is recommended that the students’ shirts and shorts have their name printed on them.

    Students who do not change for PE class are given a (0) zero for the day.

    2.       A PE Notebook will be required for each student.

    3.       CONDUCT:  Students must maintain good behavior at all times.  Hats, horseplay, profanity, gum chewing, and harassment of other students are prohibited.  Violations will be dealt with accordingly. 

    4.       ACCIDENTS:  Please report all accidents to a teacher immediately.

    5.       WRITTEN EXCUSES: Notes from parents/guardians/doctors should be presented at roll call.  These are only good for the day they are presented unless additional days are required. Students are still required to dress out. A doctor’s note for prolonged illness or injury will be required.  A student with a doctor’s note will be assigned written work or may be assigned a task in class if possible. 

    6.       EXCUSED ABSENCES:  When an absence is excused from school, it does not count against your class participation grade. Make-up work for credit and grade is allowed. It is the student’s responsibility to get the missed work. The number of days allowed to make up the work shall be the same as the number of days the student was absent. .  Please contact the school or upon returning, bring in a note to excuse absences. 

    7.       UNEXCUSED ABSENCES:    On days when students are marked ‘unexcused’ they will receive a zero for participation. . Make-up work for credit and grade is allowed except for class participation. It is the student’s responsibility to get the missed work. The number of days allowed to make up the work shall be the same as the number of days the student was absent. Work made up after an unexcused absence may be dropped a letter grade.

    8.       SUSPENSIONS: Make-up work is allowed for credit and grade after a suspension except for class participation. It is the student’s responsibility to get the missed work.  Work is due on the day of return from the suspension. Work made up after a suspension may be dropped a letter grade.



    1.       Students will have a locker in the locker room in which to put their school clothes while participating in physical education class.  A school lock will be provided for their locker. There will be no sharing of lockers. A three dollar fee will be charged for a lost lock.

    2.       Aerosol cans or spray bottles of cologne, perfume or deodorant are strictly prohibited. These can cause health concerns for others. Roll on or stick deodorant may be used.

    3.       Boys’ and girls’ locker room procedures and facilities will be explained the first week of school.

    Thank you,

    PPMS Physical Education Department


    ext. 2030 (Ms. Williams-6th grade)

    ext. 2031 (Mr. Vermillion-7th grade)

                     (Mr. Lebedz-8th grade)                  

    P.E. Waiver

    P.E. Waiver

    Fuel Up To Play60

    FuelUp to Play60

    Let's Move Active Schools National Award Recognition

     Let's Move

    Let’s Move Active Schools

    National Award Recognition

    "Physical activity isn't an option. It's a necessity."

    So reads the Let's Move Active Schools National Award presented to Pinellas Park Middle School (PPMS) "for its outstanding leadership in creating an Active School environment that promotes physical education and physical activity."

    The Let's Move award was presented, in part, to PPMS School Resource Deputy Robert Bauman for his above-and-beyond efforts to keep students active throughout the school day.

    Deputy Bauman has implemented "Recess Time" for 20 minutes before school and 15 minutes after lunch, during which he supervises students as they play basketball, football, soccer, and more. 

    Recognizing the importance of promoting physical education, sportsmanship, and physical activity, Deputy Bauman installed tether ball poles and a horizontal rock-climbing wall, for which he acquired the materials on his own.

    In conjunction with PPMS Teacher Ms. Clark, who created the "Thunderbird Fencing Club," Deputy Bauman is Leading The Way For A Safer - and healthier - Pinellas!