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    Get Engaged
    We depend on our community to help make our school the best place to learn.


    You can make a positive difference in your child's school life by volunteering at Pinellas Park Middle School.

    We have many kinds of opportunities for you to help.

    • Classroom Assistant

    • Tutor

    • Mentor

    • Business Partnership

     Let us work with you to design a volunteer activitiy that would suit you perfectly.  Remember volunteering benefits everyone.

    Ways to Volunteer

    Volunteering in Pinellas County Schools

    Volunteer Brochure

    Mentoring in Pinellas County Schools

    Mentoring Video


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    Change a child's life


    School Advisory Council (SAC)

    SAC is our school advisory council.  It is comprised of parents, teachers, administrators, and other staff members. 

    SAC's goal is to make our school the best it can be.  The council formulates our School Improvement Plan (SIP) and makes various decisions for the school. For more information, please email Dr. Jason Shedrick.

    Become a Business Partner

    Your business, professional organization, club or family can become a Partner in Education with Pinellas Park Middle School in three different ways: Materials Partner, Man Power Partner or Monetary Partner.

    Florida Parent Information and Resource Center at University of South Florida

    Florida Parent Information and Resource Center at University of South Florida

    Florida PIRC at USF website states, "The goals of the PIRC are designed to increase parents’ knowledge, skills, and confidence in becoming engaged in their children’s education in meaningful ways as well as to increase the knowledge of educators in parental involvement that is related to academic achievement.

    Mission: To empower Florida’s families to support children’s academic success through leading edge parent involvement practices and partnerships.

    Vision: Florida’s families will be effectively involved in their children’s education so all students can realize their full academic potential."