Club Handbook



    A.        PURPOSE:   To provide educational experiences which tie together formal and informal learning. Student participation should contribute to the development of personal responsibility, moral values, cooperation, emotional maturity, self-discipline, social competence, individuality, leadership, realization of the value of group goals, and an understanding of democratic processes.

    B.        RECOGNITION:      All clubs and organizations must be acknowledged by the student government and registered in the Activity office to be recognized as a member organization of St. Petersburg High School.

    C         NEW CLUBS OR ORGANIZATIONS:     Requests for new clubs or organizations will be submitted to the Activity office, and must include the sponsor's name, a draft constitution, student roster, and a listing of probable events before they will be considered. The Activities office will submit these requests to the Principal for review and recommendations with final approval coming from the Principal.

    D.        STUDENT MEMBERSHIP REQUIREMENTS: Based on the type of club or organization, all students who meet academic eligibility requirements and adhere to Student Code of Conduct are eligible to join.

    E.        MEETINGS:  The meetings will be listed on the club meeting calendar. Club meetings other than on these days, must be submitted on an activities request form to the assistant principal in charge of activities three weeks in advance. Club meetings will be held in the assigned classroom of each sponsor unless otherwise requested through the activities request.

    All clubs will meet at least once each six weeks. During in-school meetings, when approved, sponsors will provide a by-name club roster to each teacher.

    F.         CLUB SELECTION:           New club memberships will take place once a year in September with Club Selection Week being conducted. All new membership meetings will take place after school.

    G.        RESPONSIBILITIES:         Club and organizational constitutions will be updated annually with a copy being filed in the Activity office prior to the second meeting of the school year (no later than the end of October). A roster of club/organizational officers and members will also be submitted at the same time with the constitution.

    At the end of the school year (May), each club and organization will submit a summary report to the Activities office using the following format: Next year's club/organizational sponsor, newly elected officers for the succeeding year, current school year accomplishments, and future goals.

    *NOTE:           A list of all club and organizational sponsors' membership rosters, constitutions, information sheets, and summary reports will be maintained in the Activity office for reference.

    H.        MASTER ACTIVITIES CALENDAR:       A master calendar of up-to-date scheduled activities for the entire school year is maintained in the Activity office. All sponsors should review this board before planning and submitting any activity requests.

    I.          MONTHLY ACTIVITIES CALENDAR:    This will be published and distributed during the last week of each month outlining all extracurricular activities for the subsequent month. All input from sponsors, i.e. requests for special meetings, activities, etc., must be submitted to the activities office by the 20th of each month to ensure their inclusion on the subsequent monthly calendar.

    J.         POSTERS:   All valid posters must be in good taste and supervised by the sponsor. Posters must be approved by the Principal or the Assistant Principal for Activities (APA) and posters will only be placed in approved areas.

    K.        ACTIVITIES COMMITTEE: Shall consist of the Principal, Assistant Principals, Student Government Sponsor, and at least one member from the Student Government Executive Board. This committee is responsible for reviewing and approving activities when necessary.

    L.         SCHOOL INSURANCE:    All club members must purchase school insurance.

    II.          HONOR CLUBS

                A.        PURPOSE:   To further stimulate academic interest, achievements, and leadership.

                B.        STUDENT MEMBERSHIP REQUIREMENTS: Based on special membership requirements outlined in each organization’s constitution.

                C.        RESTRICTIONS:    There is no limit as to the number of clubs a student may join as long as participation does not interfere with his or her academic performance.

                D.        MEETINGS:  Conducted on the days listed in the club meeting calendar.


                A.        PURPOSE:   To help students become acquainted with other students sharing mutual interests; and to supplement formal studies by giving students a chance to share and expand their knowledge and ideas in many different areas.

                B.        STUDENT MEMBERSHIP REQUIREMENTS: Based on the special requirements outlined in each organization's constitution.

    C.        RESTRICTIONS:    Membership may be restricted when considered in the best interest of the student or school by the activities committee.

    D.        MEETINGS:  Will be conducted on the days listed in the club meeting calendar.

                *NOTE:           Since the needs and interests of students change from year to year, the interest clubs may also vary from year to year.



    IV.        SERVICE CLUBS

                A.        PURPOSE:   To provide students with fun and meaningful experiences while providing service to their school, community, state, and nation.

                B.        STUDENT MEMBERSHIP REQUIREMENTS: Students must be in attendance one semester before becoming eligible. Sophomore students and above who were members of Service Clubs at other schools may transfer their membership if they were released in good standing. All members must complete four service hours per month. Two of these hours must be completed in the area of the school designated for that club. Sponsors will keep track of students completing service hours and provide documentation to the APA monthly. If a student wishes to leave a service club for any reason, that student may write a letter to the sponsor stating the reason for leaving. Once selected by a club, a student may decline membership by writing a statement to that club sponsor stating the reason why they are declining membership.

                C.        RESTRICTIONS:    A student can only belong to one Service Club, and once a member may not change to another until the next school year. Members not meeting the service hour’s agreement will be placed on probation for the rest of the school year. Any member on probation not meeting the service hour’s agreement for the second time in a school year will be removed from all service clubs for one calendar year. If a student is placed on probation for a second time in four years, that student will be removed from service clubs indefinitely. It is the club sponsor’s responsibility to keep track of service hours on a month-to-month basis.

                D.        MEETINGS:  Meetings are conducted on the days listed in the club meeting calendar. Attendance is mandatory at all meetings. Any member missing more then 25% of the scheduled club meetings will be removed from the service club for one calendar year.

                E.        CLUB SELECTION PROCESS: The following rules will be applied during the club selection process:

      1. Prospective members will receive an application at Club Info Night. All applications will be due to the Activities office no later then one week from this night.
      2. All applications will be reviewed and scored according to guidelines by non-club sponsors.
      3. The APA will generate a list of prospective applicants by name to Assistant Principals for input on discipline, attendance and GPA.
      4. The Assistant Principals will return the list to the APA who will distribute to club sponsors a list by application number.
      5. Club sponsors will give voting members a copy of the list for silent votes during club interviews.
      6. During club interviews, each prospective applicant will have one minute to describe themselves to the current club members. Club members will not be allowed to ask questions of the applicants. Applicants will enter classrooms in groups of three. At the end of each group of three, members will conduct a silent vote on their individual tally sheets.
      7. The sheets will be turned into the APA for review of majority votes.
      8. The club sponsors will then meet with a copy of the applications to determine new club members.





                A.        PURPOSE:   To afford all students the opportunity to become active participants in the Student Government, to foster a spirit of cooperation between students and faculty, and to coordinate student activities in accordance with the highest standards of St. Petersburg High School.

                B.        STUDENT MEMBERSHIP REQUIREMENTS: Same as paragraph I., D with the following exceptions: All members must maintain a 2.0 GPA and officers will be elected by popular student vote.

                C.        STRUCTURE: Consists of the "Board" which includes a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and all class presidents from each grade and the historian/parliamentarian and sponsor.

    Elections will be conducted to determine officers for the school year.

                D.        MEETINGS:  The eleven members of the "Board" will meet during the time set by the sponsor. The entire Student Government will meet the first and third Tuesday of each month.

    The Student Government Sponsor is responsible for notifying the assistant principal in charge of activities as far in advance as possible about all meetings, dates, times, places, etc.

    VI.        CLASSES

                A.        PURPOSE:   Same as that of Student Government in paragraph V, A.

                B.        STUDENT MEMBERSHIP REQUIREMENTS: Same as paragraph I, D. excluding the service hour’s agreement.

                C.        STRUCTURE:         Consists of a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and four councilmen. Elections will be conducted in April or May of each year to determine officers for the succeeding school year. Freshman officers will be elected within the first six weeks in each new school year.

                D.        MEETINGS:  As determined by class advisors. Class sponsors are responsible for notifying the assistant principal in charge of activities as far in advance as possible about all scheduled meetings, dates, times, places, etc.





    Before scheduling an activity, sponsors should check the Master Activities Calendar in the Activity’s office for planning purposes. All requests to conduct an activity must be placed "in writing" on an "Activity Request Form" which are available in the Activities office. To ensure consideration, these requests should be submitted to the Activities office 21 days in advance of the proposed event. Requests will be reviewed on or about the 20th of each month to determine approval/disapproval. Approved activities will be placed on the Master Activities Calendar in the Activity office, and on the Monthly Activities Calendar if preparation/publication time permits, a copy of the approved form will be sent to the sponsor and the bookkeeper as well as any interested party.


                A.        Use of school facilities, other than regular classrooms or approved athletic practice areas, before or after school must be requested in writing with the assistant principal in charge of facilities.

    B.        Only sponsors with approved activity requests have the authority to use that facility. Sponsors will ensure that facilities are clean and secure upon conclusion of use. Any during school use must be cleared by the administrative team and scheduled by the assistant principal in charge of activities one month prior to the event.

    C.        The football field is off limits at all times unless special approval is given by the APA.

    *NOTE: A current log of during school scheduled facilities is maintained in the office of the assistant principal in charge of activities.

    IX.        FUND RAISER

                A.        Before requesting a fundraiser, sponsors must check with the bookkeeper to determine their current internal fund balance, and the master calendar of scheduled fundraisers maintained in the Activity office and the bookkeeper’s office. Expenses required to initiate a fundraiser must not exceed a club’s or organization's current fund balance in order for a request to be considered. A club or organization may not go in the "red" to get back in the "black". Fund raising projects will not be approved while outstanding projects still exist. All fundraisers require that an activities request form be filled out and that several other conditions be met.

    B.        Any event where students will pay to get out of class requires that the sponsor fill out an activities request form, then upon approval, send a letter signed by the principal to the area operations director requesting permission. When the school has received permission, the event may be scheduled.

    C.        A list and reference file of authorized fund raising companies and sales representatives, which are approved by the County Director of Discipline, is maintained in the Activity office. Sponsors shall not initiate or conduct business with any sales company or representative without first ensuring that they have a letter of approval from the County Director of Discipline.



    D.        No more than two fundraisers will be conducted during the same time frame.

    E.        All requests to conduct a fundraiser must be placed in writing on a "Activity Request Form". To ensure consideration, requests must be submitted a minimum of 14 days in advance of the scheduled project. Once approved, sponsors will be assigned a timeframe based on their original request in which to conduct their fundraiser. Sponsors will check with the bookkeeper (who will have a copy of the approval) to initiate purchase order requisition procedures if applicable.

    F.         The voucher system under which each school must operate requires that each teacher see the bookkeeper, fill out a requisition form and have a purchase order before any MERCHANDISE IS ORDERED. If this practice is not followed the BOOKKEEPER IS HERE NOTIFIED NOT TO PAY ANY BILLS, INVOICES, OR OBLIGATIONS AND NOT TO RELEASE ANY FUNDS IN ANY MANNER. The teacher must pay the bill to the vendor and is considered to have made a personal purchase. The school is not allowed to pay an unauthorized bill. Therefore teachers, please take precaution, as no one wishes to be responsible for paying the vendors.

    G.        Board Policy states that if School Board employees sponsor a fund raising activity or if students are involved in raising the funds the proceeds of that activity must be processed through the schoolbooks.

    H.        Board Policy also states that the sale of food and beverage items in competition with the district approved food service program, including those classified as foods of minimum nutritional value, listed in the Code of Federal Regulations 210, Appendix b SHALL NOT BE SOLD until one hour following the last serving period. All fund raising activity that in the past and present have during school sold candy, donuts, cookies, hot chocolate, ice cream, chips, orange ices, fruit juices, cokes, etc., will no longer be permitted. Any violation of this FLORIDA STATE BOARD OF EDUCATION RULING 6A-7.41 could cause the school to lose funding of the school lunch program.

    I.          The deadline for closing out all projects is one week from the last date of the approved time block. At this time, sponsors must turn in all money, receipt books, PCS Form 1323-B, signature sheets PCS Form 2136, Sales report Form SALESRPT.FMS. Ticket reports, tickets, etc. to the bookkeeper. Sponsors are reminded that board policy requires the use of numbered tickets and that ticket reports be filed with the bookkeeper for audit purposes. Numbered tickets and sale reports may be acquired from the assistant bookkeeper.


    A.        Any invoice received that is dated prior to the date on the purchase order for any activity (this includes a confirmation date) will be rejected by the bookkeeper and will not be paid by the school.

    B.        Any trip removing students from school for two school days requires school board prior approval. Allow 4 weeks from when the first form is filed.

    C.        Any use of a restaurant or outside of school activity or hiring of a band, D.J. or group requires prior school board approval on a rental and services agreement form. Allow 60 days from when the first form is filed.

    D.        Any use of the school building by any non-Pinellas public school requires prior school board approval on a facilities lease agreement or a joint use agreement. Allow 4 weeks from when the first form is filed.

    E.        Any field trip not on the pre-approved list requires prior approval from the area operations officer on the field trip not on the approved list form. This includes clubs that hold a dinner at a restaurant, N.H.S. holding inductions off school grounds, etc. allow 30 days from when the first form is filed.

    F.         The bookkeeper has been informed that any deviation from any Pinellas County schools, policies, procedures, guidelines, auditing rules or accounting procedures will be reported to the administration at once.

    G.        Any custodial overtime, police, rental security, etc., must be budgeted and paid by the club or group.


    H.        Any dues, monies or funds from whatever source must be deposited in the schools internal accounts.

    I.          This guidebook is only a summary of the policies and procedures that govern school activity. All teachers and employees are reminded that their contracts include a statement that they will be knowledgeable and comply with all policies and procedures of the Pinellas County School Board. Therefore, when a contract is signed it can not be claimed that we did not know, because we were obligated to find out.

      1. When in doubt, ask the bookkeeper or APA before proceeding.