• Music-Band and Chorus
    Hello and welcome to the virtual release of our End of the Year Concert! This has been a very different year here for us in the music world. With the limitations for playing and singing in the classroom and with many of the students being at home online, we were still able to make some music happen! I am incredibly proud of the progress these students have made for us here in the music room. I am very excited to share some of the music we have been working on here in the second semester!

     Alvaro Davison

    Director of Bands and Chorus, Pinellas Park Middle School

    Since many of our district performances were cancelled, we decided to try to practice some music that is a fairly high level for middle school musicians. We wanted to focus on our growth as musicians rather than just conforming to the easy go-to music. These students really stepped up to the plate and dug into this music we are sharing! Enjoy what our face-to-face and online students prepared! I spliced them together to have a recording that is as close to a real concert as possible!!

    Band 3, 1st Period

    We start off our program with our Band 3 students. These are our 2nd and 3rd year band students and are about to head off to high school! The two pieces we have prepared are:

           Mount Rushmore March

           Sea King Overture     

    Band 2, 3rd and 6th Period

    Since we had to learn the same piece in two different class periods with in-person students and online students, this was a whole project to put together. Thankfully, we developed a system to where all the students could record to the same piece, at the same time, and I was able to manipulate the recording to work together with each other as if they were all recording together at the same time! Here is:


     Train Headed West:

    Movement 1, Movement 2, Movement 3

     Band 1, 5th Period

    These are our beginners in band! They have come such a long way this year and are sounding great! To see their growth from October to now has been incredible! They have impressed me such much as they have learned the same amount of information that they would have normally, but in half the time since we started so late!! Please enjoy three songs from our fundamental book!

              Ode to Joy


              Rock this Band

     Up next is our Chorus classes! We wanted to sing a wide variety of songs for the end of the year. So, each group got to sing 1 song from a musical, 1 more popular song from the radio, and I combined the recordings of a more classical song. This classical song titled “Come to the Music” is a very advanced song and requires multiple lines of melody and harmonies which proved to be very challenging. This did help us learn a lot in class and set us on a great direction for the future with singing some more high-level music in harmony, rather than just unison singing. I was able to get the recordings of our face-to-face students and our online students into one super recording featuring everyone! Enjoy the music we made this semester!!         

    Chorus 1, 2nd Period

    Here is our beginning Choir! They have some such a long way this year and are sounding fantastic!! Enjoy!

              High Hopes

             A Million Dreams      

    Chorus 1 and 2, 7th Period

    Our final selections come from our mixed beginner and advanced choir! Enjoy the fantastic singing!!


             Rewrite the Stars

    And lastly this is our combined chorus piece that I recorded with all the classes and online students, then put together into one super recording!!

            Come to the Music


    Pinellas County Music Educator's Association (All County Info) - http://www.pcmea-fl.org/

    USF School of Music - http://music.arts.usf.edu/

    St. Pete College - https://www.spcollege.edu/

    Drum Corps International - https://www.dci.org/

    The Sight Reading Factory - https://www.sightreadingfactory.com/

    Bringe Music (local music store) - https://www.bringemusic.com/

    Sam Ash Music - https://www.samash.com/


    Pinellas All County Band 2019 Performance - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UnRt3Ottu6U