Parent Responsibilities

  • It is our goal to work alongside parents to leverage the possibility of success for each student who enrolls in the Boca Ciega High School Fundamental program.  By working together, we can cultivate an environment which meets the needs of every student involved in the Boca Ciega High School Fundamental program, no matter what their learning level may be.  To do this, it is not only important to be mindful of our goal but the part each person plays in working toward this goal as well.  Therefore, we have taken time to clearly define the role each administrator, teacher, parent, and student plays as we continue to work towards the goal of SUCCESS. so that we can remain  

    The information below is intended as a general guide for parents in learning how to best support their child in the fundamental program. Feel free to reach out to the Fundamental program administrator, Mr. E. Ste’Phan Lane, if there are additional questions or concerns.

    Parental Responsibilities:

    1. Sign and adhere to the Fundamental Commitment Agreement.
    2. Attend monthly meetings throughout the year.
    3. Attend all parent-teacher conferences when scheduled.

    Monthly Meetings:

    Parents/guardians are required to attend monthly meetings each school year. The meeting dates will be provided on the school calendar.

    When circumstances arise, which make it impossible for a parent/guardian to attend a required meeting, a representative (18 years of age or older) may attend in their place. The representative may represent only one family and representation may be sent to no more than two meetings per year.  It is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to make the representative aware of all obligations. Parents exercising this option, they must notify the principal prior to the meeting.

    Sign-in at meetings must be completed no later than ten minutes after the scheduled start of the meeting as the sign-in cards are removed at that time. Sign-in cards must be handed in by the individual who signed the card for that meeting. 

    Meetings last approximately one hour, and parents are expected to be present for the entire meeting. Arriving late, leaving early, or failure of a parent/guardian to sign in will result in the meeting being counted as unattended.

    Unattended Meetings:

    1. After one missed meeting, a reminder letter will be sent to the family.
    2. After two missed meetings, a letter will be sent placing the parent/family on probation. Once a family is placed on probation, a representative may not be sent to any meetings. The parent or legal guardian will be required to attend all remaining meetings.
    3. After the third missed meeting, the student/family will be referred to the school-based Intervention and Appeal Committee (IAC).


    Conferences are required when the success of a Boca Ciega High School Fundamental student is being challenged.  These conferences may concern academics, attendance, and/or discipline concerns.  The intent of these conferences will be to address the challenge and work together to come up with a way to support the student.  Parents/guardians will be notified when these conferences are set to occur. 

    Parents/Guardians are expected to attend these conferences, of course, but have the option to schedule conferences as well.  These conferences can take place via face-to-face, telephone, or video.