Student Responsibilities

  • The Boca Ciega High School Fundamental program takes pride in helping students to thrive as they strive for academic achievement and success.  We therefore hold each fundamental student to a higher standard as they progress through our program.  The BCHS Fundamental Commitment Agreement is a set of expectations students enrolling into our program are expected to agree to.  The BCHS Fundamental Commitment Agreement is as follows:

    1. Make your best effort to attend school and engage in class work each day.
    2. Complete all homework and classwork assignments allotted by each teacher.
    3. Adhere to the school dress code as outlined by the school handbook and PCS Code of Student Conduct.
    4. Always abide by all school and PCS district rules and guidelines.

    NOTE: This is only a brief summary of some of the key points of the PCS district Fundamental Policy Document. A complete version of the policy document is available from the school or district.