• News & Updates:
    Please check the calendar regularly for updates and reminders of upcoming events!

    Solo & Ensemble:

    I am encouraging all students to take part in Solo & Ensemble!  If you would like to participate in S&E, please follow the directions below:
    Check the FBA S&E List for titles that interest you (see attached)
    • HS Students must play a grade 3 or above.
    • Purchase a solo of your choice from www.jwpepper.com
    • Email me the title of your solo & schedule a time to come work with me on it
    • Or participate in an ensemble:
      • We have open enrollment in the brass and woodwind choirs
      • We have 2 jazz combos and I am open to having more
      • Get together with your band friends and start an ensemble (e.g. Woodwind quintet, sax quartet, etc.)
    Please remember that all performances must come from the attached FBA Literature List.  J.W. Pepper will have most of the pieces in stock – if they are not in stock, I recommend that you purchase directly from the publisher (listed in the J.W. Pepper website) and that will cut shipping time in half.