• Wind Ensemble

    The Wind Ensemble will focus on significant wind band literature.  This ensemble is the leadership and musical core of the band program.  The students perform a total of 6 concerts per year; including District and State MPA, Solo & Ensemble recital series, and guest artist/conductor concerts.  Students are required to audition.  Participation in marching band is expected; not required.

    Class Codes:  Band III-VIII

    Honors credit: yes

    Symphonic Winds

    The Symphonic Winds is the entry level ensemble for all 9th graders - unless they wish to participate in marching band and audition for a chair in the wind ensemble.  The Symphonic Winds will focus on significant wind banr literature.  This group performs 4 concerts per year; including District MPA and State MPA.  Students are not required to audition or participate in marching band to enroll.

    Class Codes: Band I-IV

    Honors credit: no

    Concert Band

    The Concert Band is band at the beginning level in High School.  Students will learn a wind or a percussion instrument in this class; no prior knowledge necessary.  Students also perform at all school concerts, MPAs, and Solo & Ensemble.  Students are not required to participate in the marching band to perform with this ensemble.

    Class Codes: Inst. Tech.

    Honors credit: no

    Jazz Ensemble

    These students participate in a jazz class, as well as in a concert band.  Students engage in expanding their fundamental vocabulary into the realm and syntax of the jazz language.  Through listening and applied studies, students learn various pieces of music; music theory; and arranging and composition.  The Jazz Collective is a very busy group - performing in school functions, banquets, local events, festivals, and more.  These students are required to participate in a concert group as well as in marching band.

    Class Codes: Jazz Ens. I-IV(hon)

    Honors Credit: yes - at level IV

    Marching Band

    The Marching Band is our most active ensemble.  The marching band performs during Pep Rallies, Varsity Football Games, Parades, Competitions, Band Trips, and more!  All members of the BCHS Wind Ensemble and Jazz Ensemble participate in this ensemble.  While it does take a lot of dedication it is certainly well worth it!

    Color Guard

    The Color Guard is the visual part of the program.  This group is involved with the Marching Band during the fall and puts on a separate production during the Winter season.  Members of this ensemble in the area of dance: Classical as well as Modern, and Flag/Rifle technique.  Members of this ensemble must have prior approval before signing up but beginners are encouraged to join (A majority of the members were beginners in the 9th grade).

    Class Code: Eurythmics I-IV

    Concert Orchestra

    The Concert Orchestra is a relatively new addition to the BCHS Music Program. It teaches how to play a string instrument (violin, viola, cello or bass), how to read music and how to play together as an ensemble. All levels of ability are welcome in this ensemble, from beginners to the most advanced string musicians.

    Class Code: Orchestra I-IV

    Honors Credit: no