• Attendance and Tardy Policy

    Please speak with your student about the importance of getting to each class on time. Late students miss important directions for their learning!

    The tardy machine is re-set each Friday after school giving each student a fresh start on Mondays.

    It is our expectation that all of our students follow rules and give their best effort. 

    The weekly Tardy Consequences are:

    • 1 tardy - warning
    • 2 tardies - after school ONE HOUR   
    • 3 tardies - after school TWO HOUR   
    • 4 tardies - ABS
    • 5 or more - Conference with Administration


    What are the procedures if a student is absent?

    Parents are to report their student’s absence from the BPMS website:  Report Student Absence.  Parents may also call the school 727-893-1153 to report the absence.

    • Please call in by 10:00 AM daily to report an absence.
    • If a student is ill for three days, the parent needs to call all three days (prior to 10:00 AM). Please give the following information:  1) Caller’s name and relationship to student, 2) Student’s legal name, 3) Student’s grade, 4) Reason for absence, and 5) Day time telephone number where the caller can be reached for verification if deemed necessary.
    • If a student has excessive unexcused and/or excused absences over the course of the school year, the parent will be required to show documentation (doctor’s note, etc.).   A letter will be mailed home on the 5th and 10th unexcused absence. A conference will be scheduled to discuss excessive absences.
    • All absences are considered unexcused unless the parent calls before 10:00 AM on each day of the absence.  Unexcused absences have a negative effect on grades.
    • Remember, students accumulate unexcused absences when parents do NOT call-in to report the absences and the reason for the absence is not a valid reason.