• CLT Test Prep

    1. Go to CLTExam.com and click on the “Sign In/Sign Up” button on the top right. 
    2. Enter your username and password.  Your username is your R2.D2 followed by @pcsb.org
      1. Username:  R2.D2@pcsb.org
      2. Password: Patriots1!
    3. Once signed in, you will see a box that says “Profile Completion” along with a percentage finished circle. 
      1. Click on “Finish It” to complete your profile. 
      2. Complete the information in each of the tabs:
        1. Name & Contact Info
        2. Address
        3. School & Performance
        4. College Interests
        5. Additional Information
    4. After completing the profile setup, click on “Prepare for Exam” on the left hand side. 
      1. Here you will find practice tests that you will be able to take.
      2. Choose one of the tests and do a couple of questions from each section so you can see the layout and some of the things they will be asking.
        1. You can always log in and do the test prep at home or another time at school before the test. 
    5. Math Test Prep – Log into your Clever page and then log into Canvas.  Once logged in return back to these instructions. 
    6. Click on the link below to enroll.
      1. Enrollment Key: https://pcsb.instructure.com/enroll/FRD3MP
    7. After enrolling, click on the “CLT Test Prep” button.
      1. Here you find resources for the Math portion of the CLT test. 
    8. After you have done all of the following, you can return to class.