Intervention and Appeals Committee (IAC)

  • The parents, students and staff at Midtown Academy believe each student attends school to strive for excellence in all activities, academic, physical and social. Students are expected to abide by the Code of Student Conduct. Parents, students, and staff are expected to commit to:

    • showing respect for all people,
    • accepting responsibility for, and consequences of, their own actions, and
    • helping each classroom have the best possible learning environment.


    Students are expected to abide by the Code of Student Conduct. Students may be placed on probation and, ultimately, removed from the school for the following reasons:

    1. Non-compliance to district or school rules
    2. Lack of participation in program activities
    3. Excessive absences and tardiness


    The Midtown Academy school-based Intervention and Appeals Committee (IAC) will review each student’s case, as needed.  The team (comprised of Midtown parents, community members, and school staff) will recommend interventions or strategies to assist the student in being successful.  Finally, the team may recommend the student’s removal from the program.

    Midtown Academy is seeking to develop a pool of participants interested in serving on the Intervention and Appeals Committee. If you are interested in being added to the Midtown Academy IAC pool and possibly serve on the Intervention and Appeals Committee, please contact the school directly at (727) 893-1358.