Title I

  • What is a Title I School?


    Title I schools receive federal dollars to fund the following:

    • Personnel to help students succeed.  At Midtown, we also have a part-time Reading Coach.
    • Academic workshops/family nights – Literacy night, Math night, One School One Book, Middle School information night, Kindergarten Orientation and the Student Showcase are offered to students and their families. We provide families with free books and the opportunity to learn strategies to help their children to be better readers, mathematicians, and scientists. 
    • Materials for students - Title I provides students with planners and compacts.  In addition, money is spent on refurbishing classroom libraries, purchasing culturally relevant books for teachers to use in their classrooms, and buying instructional materials needed to meet the needs of our students. 
    • Professional Development for staff members includes a stipend to be paid to all staff who participate in school-based trainings after school. As well as working with instructional staff after school hours to delve deep into our student data and ELA standards, the plan focused on instruction meeting the needs of our students.
    • Promise Time Program/ELP program – after-school tutoring program. Materials and funds for salaries are provided during the school year.


    Schools use funds to:

    • add highly qualified staff
    • support parent and community involvement efforts
    • improve staff development
    • purchase additional instructional materials and supplies
    • add technology and needed equipment


    Summary of Midtown Academy Elementary School Parent and Family Engagement Plan


    The 2023 - 2024 Parent and Family Engagement Plan (PFEP) for Midtown Academy states:

    Our school Compact and Parent and Family Engagement Plan is jointly developed by parents and other stakeholders. To build the capacity of our parents, we will offer Data Chat nights, Donuts with Grownups, Open House, Literacy night, Middle School Information night, SEM Showcases and performances Art, Orchestra and Chorus each semester.  Additionally, our staff will build their capacity by participating in in ongoing Professional Learning Communities, Restorative Practices/PBIS Training, Family Engagement One School One Book, Ongoing Collaborative Planning, and Data Chats, to create an atmosphere that is conducive to parent and family engagement and highest student achievement. We also coordinate with other federal programs such as IDEA and ESE Parent Meetings.

    Each year, we review our Compact and Parent and Family Engagement Plan, parent input is essential to this process. Parents will be notified of the review date by Spring of each year. We offer flexible meeting times by offering meetings at various times of day, to reach as many parents as possible. Our Title I Annual Parent Meeting will be held in August 2023. During this meeting we will discuss the Parent’s Right to Know, “What is Title I”, the budget, and the importance of parent and family engagement, and curriculum and assessments.

    We will communicate with parents via various methods of communication including meetings, letters home, student agendas, school messenger calls and texts, email, school website, digital marquee, and Facebook. We will make every reasonable effort to provide our parents with information in an understandable language and format. Our Parent and Family Engagement Plan (PFEP) is located  at our Title I Parent Station in the front office, and you may request a complete copy by contacting the office at 727-893-1358.