Gifted Studies

  • Midtown Academy’s Center for Gifted Studies students receive all the programming opportunities offered to our Center for Cultural Arts students with additional Gifted Programming.

    What Makes Us Special:

    • Only South-County Magnet to offer Full-Time Gifted Instruction
    • Gifted Endorsed Teachers
    • Homogenous Gifted Classrooms (all gifted all day)
    • Explicit Daily Gifted Enrichment Block
    • Curriculum Aligned with the 7 Gifted Goals
    • Elevated Rigorous Curriculum
    • Feeder priority to John Hopkins Center for Gifted Studies or Thurgood Marshall Fundamental Middle School Center for Gifted Studies.
    • Weekly Interest Based Enrichment Clusters
    • Cultural Immersion Field-Trips
    • 4 Times Weekly Arts Instruction: General Music, Applied Music, Cultural Arts, and General Arts
      MakerSpace Lab once a week


    Please contact Jessica Soto to learn more about the Center for Gifted Studies program or if you have any questions.