The goal of YReads! is to successfully close the gap between students' reading performance and the state of Florida's reading-performance expectations.

    • YReads! is a free reading program for students who are referred  by their teachers or other school personnel.
    • YReads! provides the resources necessary to improve reading levels in students from kindergarten to eighth grade while developing greater self-esteem and social skills.
    • Trained staff and mentors provide intensive reading instruction in small groups during individualized lessons

    What are we teaching?

    • Phonemic Awareness: knowing that words are made up of sounds.
    • Phonics: the link between sounds and letters.
    • Fluency: the ability to read words accurately and quickly.
    • Vocabulary: what words mean and how to say them
    • Comprehension: the ability to understand what is read.

    Typical Day

    • Snack time: A time for refueling and socializing
    • Community time: This allows children to share their thoughts and ideas with classmates. Children get to practice taking turns, learn respect for other opinions and understand the need for rules.
    • SIPPS: Our phonics curriculum in small groups
    • Comprehension: The goal is to develop the ability to read, text, process it, and understand its meaning.
    • Read Aloud: This activity helps to build listening skills, vocabulary, background knowledge, comprehension as well as classroom community.
    • Literacy game: The day is finished with a game that highlights a skill covered in the "work" the students have completed.


    Registration Packets can be found in Meadowlawn's Front Office.

    Questions? Please contact the YReads! Coordinator Shianne Jourdan sjourdan@stpeteymca.org