Leadership Academy through AVID

  • AVID

    AVID’s mission is to close the achievement gap by preparing all students for college readiness and success in a global society.

    --Advancement Via Individual Determination


    What is AVID?

    AVID prepares high-potential students to complete a challenging high school curriculum and go on to four years of college. The AVID elective class is designed to increase students' achievement, develop skills in writing for learning, achieve success in honors classes, and become an effective learner in groups. AVID students hone their study skills, develop their organizational skills, learn to set realist goals, and manage their time in order to enhance all aspects of their education.


    Our AVID goals here at Meadowlawn Middle School for our students are to:
    • develop learning, study, and academic behavior skills essential for success
    • provide daily support to prepare them for high school and college
    • teach academic strategies like writing to learn, inquiry, collaboration, organizational skills, and critical reading.


    AVID Activities

    • Speak with high school students, college students
    • Learn with trained facilitators and college tutors
    • Participate in tutorial groups twice a week
    • Manage your grades
    • Develop note-taking skills for all academic subjects
    • Use writing as a tool for learning
    • Develop your critical reading and thinking
    • Participate in Socratic seminars and discussions
    • Learn success strategies and goal-setting skills
    • Conduct college research
    • Student-centered inquiry and collaborative teams
    • Engage in problem-solving activities
    • Develop time-management skills
    • Participate in motivation builders and hear guest speakers
    • Conduct student-led conferences
    • Lead discussions and participate
    • Develop presentation skills
    • Attend college campus tours
    • Take a College Entrance Exams


    Who is an AVID student?

    AVID students have academic potential.

    • Average to high test scores on standardized and national test
    • 2.0 - 3.5 GPA
    • College potential with support
    • Student desire and determination


    AVID is offered as an elective class scheduled during the regular school day. Students are accepted into the AVID program through an application process.

    Learn more about AVID here.