General Tips

  • Resetting Student Passwords at Home

    Did you know that you can reset your own passwords at home? Just be aware that if you do this at home, your computer login will not change until you have logged in while at the school grounds. (During the Corona virus shutdown, you can do this from any school parking lot.) It is VERY IMPORTANT to let the computer come all the way up to the desktop and let it sit there for at least 5 -10 minutes so that the computer fully recognizes your new login.
    If you can't make it to school right away, don't worry. You can still use the new password for Clever, Teams, and any other program that requires your school login. You will just have to continue using your old password to log into the computer itself. 
    Click the link above to reset your password at home.

    Domain Issues

    Sometimes you will get a message that the domain is not available. This can usually be fixed by logging into the computer at a school location and letting it go all the way up to the desktop. This happens because either you changed your password, you have entered the incorrect R2D2 number, or the computer does not recognize your username. When you are logging into a computer for the first time, or when changing a password, you must log into it while on our domain, which means you must physically be logging in at our school, or at one of the schools in our district.