2017-2018 Clubs and Activities

  • Meadowlawn Middle School proudly offers our students the opportunity to become involved in our school in a multitude of ways. Whatever your student’s interests, we have something for them! We also offer tutoring programs before and after school as well as on Saturdays. Take a look through this brochure with your student and feel free to join as many of our organizations as possible! We’d like to see all our students participate in something as research shows that those students who are involved in the extras a school can offer find more success and fulfillment than those who only go to school because they have to. Our teachers are dedicated to providing the best experience possible for your student!


    5000 Role Models
    Mr Thurman: (Bi-Weekly Tues during B,C lunch) Teaches boys how to be gentlemen through service projects

    Girlfriends of Pinellas:-
    Mrs. Dickey (Bi-weekly during lunch) Teaches girls how to be ladies through service projects

    Ms. McCormick ( Mon & Wed 4:10-6 in 1-128)

    Chess Club/Team
    Ms. Holton (Thurs 4-5:30 in 4-214)

    Lego Club
    Mrs. Patterson (Tuesdays bi-weekly starting 9/5from 4:05- 5:15 in 5-208)

    National Junior Honor Society
    Ms. McCann/Ms. Grampietro (Fridays once a month from 4-5 in 5-215)

    Peer Mediation
    Mrs. Harris (During lunches) For those struggling with their peers

    PMAC/ Multi-Cultural
    Mrs. Murray– (Mondays 4-5 in 4-216) To celebrate the diversity of our students

    Mr. White (4-5:30 in 4-208)

    Mrs. Dolan( Wed 4:05- 5:05 in 4-212) Projects that combine math, technology, and engineering skills 

    Yearbook Club
    Ms. McClelland (Mondays 4:10-5:30 in Port D) Create a lasting memory for all students at MMS!

    Student Literacy Team
    Mrs. Herman (A lunch)

    Spanish State Conference Team
    (Wednesdays 4:15-5:15 in 5-215)

    Coding Club
    Mr. Koz (Fridays 4:15-5:15 in 4- 111) Learn to code like a champion!



    Coach Woods/Mrs. McCann

    Mrs. Williams

    Mr. Girandola/ Coach Woods

    Ms.Scott/ Mr. Dixon

    Tutoring Options:

    Before School:
    Students can come in any day before school
    and work from 7:45-8:45 Monday, Tuesday,
    Thursday, and Friday with one of our teachers
    as long as they make arrangements ahead of
    time and get a pass.

    After School:
    Students can stay after school from 4:10-
    5:10 pm and work with several of our teachers
    in 4 classrooms in downstairs building 5.
    Teachers from every subject are available MTh
    to help with homework or provide support
    in an area in which a student struggles.


    Download 2017 - 2018 Clubs PDF File