• Brooker Creek Cafeteria Menus
    The Brooker Creek Menus are reflected in the county menu schedule. However, there may be occasional changes that may occur due to availability of produce or other supplies. 
    Please visit the following links for our interactive menus:

    Breakfast Menu:
    Lunch Menu:

    Pinellas County School Food Service Department has set forth specific guidelines for students borrowing lunch money that BCE adheres to. We understand that lunch money and lunch boxes are lost or forgotten, and accounts occasionally run out of funds. Food Service would not deny your child a lunch due to lack of money, but this should be on an emergency basis only.

    When an account is running low, the cashier will verbally notify the child and stamp his/her hand with a red lunch money stamp if they desire. This will also happen if a child is borrowing. Once the student has borrowed, written notices will be placed in his/her teacher's mailbox. If an account reaches 3 borrowed lunches or a negative balance of $5.25, the child will not be permitted to choose a regular lunch, but will be provided with a cold sandwich and white milk. This will take place until the arrears are paid.