Great American Teach-In


    Wednesday, November 13th, 2019 is the official date for Duke Energy’s Great American Teach-In Day!  This is a chance for you to visit Brooker Creek Elementary and share your knowledge with our future leaders!


    On Wednesday, November 13th you may choose to teach about your career, hobby, and/or talents. You can stay twenty minutes or for the whole day!  The time of day and how long you can present is determined by what your schedule and teacher’s permits.


    Opportunities are available throughout the day from 8:45am to 2:55pm. (School day starts at 8:45am & ends at 2:55pm). However long you stay you will be making a difference in the lives of our students. This is truly a worthwhile endeavor. We hope you will consider spending all or part of the day on November 13th at Brooker Creek Elementary School. On the back of this letter, you will find a registration form. If you are interested and want to present, please fill out the entire form and return to B.C.E. by Friday, October 11th at the very latest. Thank you!


    Teach-In tips:

    • Plan on at least a 20-minute presentation per classroom.
    • Consider wearing attire appropriate to the occupation, hobby, or topic you plan to discuss.
    • Please do not ask students for personal information, i.e., telephone numbers or addresses or distribute personal /business flyers
    • When you arrive at school, please check in the Guidance Room in the Front Office and sign-out there as well.


    *Refreshments will be provided by our amazing PTA!


    Please contact  our Family and Community Liasion, Jennifer Jajuga at  (727) 943-4600, or via email  jajugaj@pcsb.org for more information.