Hello Bobcat Families,
    I am so excited to share something amazing happening at school! On Tuesday of this week, Student Council launched a schoolwide Gratitude Campaign through the Look for the Good
    Project with assemblies for students and staff.

    Gratitude Spots have been placed throughout our school to remind students and staff to stop and consider what they are thankful for as they go through their day. These spots will be used as a place to stop and think about or express the people and things for which we are grateful. In addition to the Gratitude Spots, students will also be writing their gratitude on sticky notes to create a Gratitude Wall which will be displayed in the cafeteria. If you would like to add your own gratitude notes to the wall, there will be extra sticky notes in the front office. Please jot a note of gratitude and leave it in the front office. We will happily add your note to the wall.
    Also, you may find your child carrying an orange (or student created) Kindness Card which says, “You Matter”. Encourage them to tell you why they received the card, and who they might give it to next. If your child has not received a card yet, encourage them to make their own Kindness Cards to give out at school. The more cards we circulate, the more we will remind students and staff to share their appreciation and kindness with each other!

    To learn more about the science behind this program and how a humpback whale inspired thousands of kids to uplift their school communities with gratitude and kindness, go online to www.lookforthegoodproject.org and look at the parent resources under the school program tab. We are very excited to see the benefits of this campaign on our campus throughout the month of November and every day that follows this school year. Help us give power to kindness by making all members of our school community, students staff and families understand that at Brooker Creek they matter!

    Jenn Mekler, Principal