Happy Valentine’s Day Bobcat families! It is such a wonderful time of year at school. We are all settled in from Winter Break and working hard to grow as learners each day. We have a few weeks to dig in to our studies and then we will be off for spring break with our next learning challenge. 

    We are blessed every day at Brooker Creek with the number of volunteers that work to enrich our school days. Some of our volunteers help from home or spend time with us at school doing various teacher projects or even helping outside of the classrooms in other areas of the school. We could not do what we do each day without the help of our community. Each year we celebrate volunteers that go above and beyond. This year we have celebrated Audrey Hawk, Amiee Almeida and Katy Birkhimer. Each in her own way, these ladies make us even better with their special touch. Through our thanks to them we thank all of you!

    This month we are also celebrating our Student Services team at school. We are very luckily to have Mrs. Prillhart, school counselor, Lauren Dimattia, school social worker, Jessica Dennis, school psychologist with Loretta Nordby and Diana Glatczak, school nurses, at Brooker Creek. Their individual commitments to supporting students helps us to meet the varied need of our student population. They are very important pieces of our school community. 

    I look forward to seeing you around campus soon. Please let me know if you have any celebrations, questions or concerns. It is my pleasure to support you and your child in any way I can.


    Jenn Mekler, Principal