Brooker Creek Personnel


    Employees attempt to check e-mail regularly; however, please do not utilize email for time bound information (ex. change of way home, etc.). If you need immediate assistance, feel free to contact our school office at 943-4600.


     Jennifer Mekler             Principal                                 MEKLERJ@pcsb.org

     Abigail Cannata             Assistant Principal                  CANNATAAB@pcsb.org

     Office Staff  

    Lynda Anderson               Secretary/Bookkeeper                   ANDERSONL@pcsb.org

    Phyllis DiVilio                   Front Office Clerk                          diviliop@pcsb.org

    Annissa Brown                Data Management Technician         BROWNANNI@pcsb.org

    Jennifer Jajuga                Family & Community Liaison         JAJUGAJ@pcsb.org