•  Kathy Brickley

    Weekly Update 6/17/21

    Curlew Creek School Messenger 06.17.21

    Good evening Summer School families. This is Mrs. Brickley, Curlew Creek Elementary
    Principal. Welcome to Summer Bridge, ESY, and Rising PreK at Curlew Creek. Our
    programs run from Monday, June 21st to Thursday July 15th with no school on Fridays, and
    no school on Monday, July 5th. School hours are 8:30am-1:30pm. Breakfast and lunch will
    be available at no cost for all students. Breakfast for Summer Bridge students is from 8-
    8:30. ESY students will eat in their classrooms after class begins at 8:30. Breakfast and
    Lunch menus are attached to this School Messenger email. They are also located on our
    school webpage under announcements, .

    If you arrive at school before 8AM, wait with your child until the doors open and
    supervision begins. For the first week of school students will be escorted by school
    staff/volunteers to the cafeteria for breakfast starting at 8:00, or to their classrooms
    starting at 8:15. After the first week personnel will continue be available to escort students
    as needed.

    It is very important that you inform the teacher of your child’s dismissal method – bus
    rider, car rider, day care van rider, or YMCA aftercare. Please put this is writing and send
    to the teacher on the first day of summer school. Should your dismissal method change,
    notify the teacher and the school office.

    If your child is a car rider, be sure to get a car tag from our volunteers and duty personnel
    when you drop off your child on the first day. For car rider dismissal, Rising Kindergarten
    will dismiss at 1:15, Kindergarten will dismiss at 1:20, grades 1 & 2 will dismiss at 1:25,
    and grades 3 & 4 will dismiss at 1:30. To assist with an efficient dismissal, prominently
    display your child’s name tag in the car window, and as your child is called pull up to your
    designated numbered spot. If you need to pick up your child early, you may sign out from
    the school office, and remember to bring your ID.

    You will receive a welcome letter from your child’s teacher which will include information
    about the summer curriculum. Supplies will be provided for students, however your child’s
    teacher will communicate if any additional supplies or donations are requested.

    If you would like to donate recess equipment to your class, I know that would be appreciated by

    Students should bring a water bottle with them daily as water fountains continue
    to remain closed per the CDC. Water bottes can be refilled at classroom sinks and our
    water bottle filling stations. Please note that face masks in school are recommended, but
    not required. You may choose to have your child wear a mask.

    We are looking forward to a fun and successful summer program. If you have any
    questions, don’t hesitate to stop by the school office or call 724-1423 during Summer
    School hours.