• Enjoy working with children? 
    Want to support your child's school? 
    Would you like to help make a difference?
    Have some free time?
         We have some wonderful opportunities for you to get involved with either volunteering or mentoring, and join us at Highland Lakes Elementary!  You might mentor a child to encourage their positive progress socially and academically.  You could help in a classroom from reading with students to helping a teacher prepare materials for a lesson or activity. We can use volunteers in the media center, cafeteria, on field trips, and on the playground.
    If you have a caring heart, we'll find a place for you to share it!     heart
    Contact our Family and Community Liasion, Susan Jones, for more information.
    727-724-1429 ext. 2102
     Mentor Workshops
    During the workshop participants will learn about effective listening skills, goal setting, communication skills and relationship building. Attendance is required for all mentors.
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