• PTA
         The Highland Lakes Elementary PTA provides numerous benefits to our students and teachers.  From fund raisers, which help support the acquisition of new technology, to funding books for the battle of the books reading program, bingo nights, organizing our annual Fall Festival, running the student store, orchestrating the end-of-the year fifth grade celebrations, and many more! Our PTA is vital to the school success and enjoyment of our students, teachers, and families.
         There are numerous benefits for parents/guardians/grandparents as well:
    1. It's Good For Your Child.  Research shows that children who are involved in their school earn better grades and have fewer disciplinary problems at school.    When parents are plugged in at school, their children do better.
    2. It's Important to The School.  Schools are becoming more and more dependent on parent groups.  The parent groups are responsible for almost all of the school's fundraising revenue.  This revenue provides support for the children, teachers and administration.  Everyone wins!
    3. You'll Get Connected.  ​There's no better way to know what is going on in the school than to be on the school's Parent Teacher group.  You'll be the first to hear about important decisions and changes in both the school and legislation.  Also, you will build a familiarity with the staff members of your child's school.
    4. You Are Part of a Network.  ​Every parent group function is an opportunity to meet other parents in the same situation as you.  You will be connected with a group of parents who share a common goal of improving your children's school.
    5. You'll Make a Difference. ​  By volunteering with the PTA, you'll be able to use your skills for a noble cause.   Parent groups work to establish a supportive and encouraging community for the entire school.  
    6. It's Fun!   You'll connect with a group of people who are concerned with creating a better environment and more opportunities for all children to better their education.  You will help plan fun events, programs and get-togethers that ALL families and children can enjoy!
    7. You'll Be a Role Model.  ​You'll show your children that not only are they important to you, but their education as well.  They'll see you taking a stand to make education better for them and their peers.  Chances are - they will do the same for their children in the future!
    8. ​You'll Help Raise Necessary Funds.  The PTA fundraisers to provide more educational services for ALL children.  Fundraisers remain important to improving the quality of the school overall, and parent groups make them possible.
    9. ​It's Flexible.  The PTA has progressed to meet the changing needs of parents.    There are a variety of small ways parents can help and be involved in the PTA.  Project responsibilities are flexible and can adjust to fit your time availability.
    10. It's for Every Parent.  Your opinion matters!  It makes a difference when you speak up.  Your voice and ideas can help improve the quality of education for your children and their peers.   You'll see the smiles on their faces and know that you've played a part in making their school a little more comfortable and more fun.