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Log Your Hours
Volunteers….thank you for all of your countless hours volunteering at Curlew Creek this school year. Be sure to log your hours, so we can keep track of your hard work. If you volunteered at the school and did not log in or sign in the volunteer book please email me so I can add your hours. We do not receive any financial means from your hours but it shows the great support that we all have for our school. » log your hours online

Volunteers Still Needed
We are still in need of volunteers as there are many things that have to get done before the end of the school year and to get ready for the next year. Don’t forget that there are many areas of the school that need volunteers…..not just the classroom. Contact me at brownjoyce@pcsb.org or 727-724-1423 if you would like to help.

Volunteer Next Year
There are many ways to volunteer at Curlew Creek. For next year, please think about helping whether for ten minutes or unlimited time.
A few of the many ways to volunteer are:

  • In the cafeteria
  • File books and help in the Media Center
  • Help do our bulletin boards
  • Volunteer for the Coyote Carnival, Field Day
  • Help updating the sandwich board that is in the car line.
  • Help teachers by separating and sorting the daily lessons pages.

Contact Mrs. Brown at brownjoyce@pcsb.org or 727-724-1423 if you would like to help.

Level 2 volunteers
You must be level 2 if you are going on a field trip and breaking into groups. Anytime that you (the volunteer) will be away from the school with students and you are not with the teacher, you must be a level 2 volunteer. This includes if you are driving with students. Upcoming 5th grade parents, please remember this, as there are events in 5th grade that you will be asked to drive the students.

How to become a level 2 volunteer
After you have filled out the paperwork to become a registered volunteer you can then go to:
Postal Annex
2520 N. McMullen Booth Rd.
Clearwater, Fl. 33761

Or you can go to EZ Fingerprints Largo
1715 East Bay Dr.

IF you have been fingerprinted for your job and can provide me with documentation on your business letterhead with the date and results of your fingerprints then you do not need to have them done again. When in doubt email me and we can work on it together.

Thank you for going to the extra effort of becoming a level 2 volunteer.

Thank you again for all of your time volunteering this year!!
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me at brownjoyce@pcsb.org or 727-724-1423
Joyce Brown, Curlew Creek Community Liason