Varsity/JV Volleyball

    Head Coach: Ashley Martin

    Email:  ashleymartin163@gmail.com


    Varsity Workouts: 3:00p - 5:00p 

    These workouts / Open Gyms are open to those interested in working out with varsity and/or trying out for Varsity. We ask that all athletes who attend are able to workout in the weight room AND play at a competitive level. We want to ensure athletes don't injure themselves in the weight room / on the court with our varsity athletes. 

    JV Open Gym: 5:00p - 6:30p
    This is an opportunity for all Freshmen & Sophomores interested in trying out for JV this fall to get in the gym for extra reps. There will be some conditioning involved, but the girls will primarily be going through drills & playing. 


    What to bring:

    - a Water Bottle, Workout Towel & wear appropriate volleyball gear (knee pads, shoes, t-shirts and athletic shorts)



    Social Media:
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    DATE                     OPPONENT                                            LOCATION                       TEAM                    TIME


    Tu 8/15/23           Preseason Tourney vs. Calvary             Calvary Christian               V                              7:00 PM


    Th 8/17/23           Preseason Tourney vs. Sunlake            Calvary Christian               V                              5:30 PM


    Tu 8/22/23           CCC                                                            Home                                  JV/V                        6:30/7:30 PM


    Th 8/24/23           Pinellas Park (C )                                     Home                                  V                              7:00 PM


    Tu 8/29/23           Calvary Christian                                     Home                                  JV/V                        6:30/7:30 PM


    Th 8/31/23           Academy of Holy Names                      Home                                  JV/V                        6:30/7:30 PM


    W 9/6/23              Wesley Chapel                                        Home                                  V                              7:00 PM


    F 9/8/23                 FL Gem 3rd Annual HS Tourney (E)   Wesley Chapel                     V                              TBA (3 games)


    Sa 9/9/23              FL Gem 3rd Annual HS Tourney (E)   Wesley Chapel                      V                              TBA (2 games)


    M 9/11/23            Lakewood (C )                                         Away                                   V                             7:00 PM


    Tu 9/12/23           Northeast (C )                                          Away                                   JV/V                        6:30/7:30 PM


    Th 9/14/23           St. Pete (C )                                              Away                                   JV/V                        6:30/7:30 PM


    M 9/18/23            Gibbs (C )                                                  Home                                  JV/V                        6:30/7:30 PM


    Tu 9/19/23           East Lake                                                  Home                                  JV/V                        6:30/7:30 PM


    F 9/22/23              Boca Ciega (C )                                        Home                                  JV/V                        6:30/7:30 PM


    Th 9/28/23           Hollins (C )                                                Home                                  JV/V                        6:30/7:30 PM


    F 9/29/23              Calvary Tournament (E )                       Calvary                                V?                            TBA (3 games)


    Sa 9/30/23            Calvary Tournament (E )                       Calvary                                V?                            TBA (2 games)


    M 10/2/23*          Dunedin                                                    Away                                   JV/V                        6:30/7:30 PM


    Tu 10/3/23           Palm Harbor University                         Home                                  JV/V                        6:30/7:30 PM


    Th 10/5/23           PCAC                                                         @ North Team                   V                              7:00 PM


    W 10/11/23          Seminole                                                  Away                                   JV/V                        6:30/7:30 PM