Guidance Department

  • The counselors are currently working on schedules. What you see in Focus IS NOT your final schedule; you will receive your final schedule on the first day of school. 

    Meet the Guidance Department

    9th Grade                   Lauren Sturgill ext. 2062
    10th - 12th, A - G Krysta Nymark ext. 2061
    10th - 12th, H - O Twila Jackson ext. 2060 
    10th - 12th, P - Z Electra Polizzi ext. 2063

    A - G

    T - Z

    Lisa Reitz   ext. 2036

    H - O

    P - S

    Tammy Bowling ext. 2037
    Fundamental Cathy Nolan ext. 2039
    Sr. Data Technician Tena Claerhout ext. 2007
    Data Technician Cristy Valdes ext. 2008
    College and Career Center
    CCC Manager Julia Long ext. 1368

    What is the College and Career Center?

    The College and Career Center is a hub of information and support for students and families.​ Working in collaboration with the school counselors, the College and Career Center team provides individualized and targeted assistance to navigate the college-going process.

    What does the College and Career Center support?

    The College and Career Center supports students and families to access resources, explore opportunities and work collaboratively on:

    • Career pathway and major exploration
    • College exploration and match
    • Application development and submission  
    • SAT/ACT preparation resources
    • College Fair and admission events
    • Financial and scholarship planning
    • Essay preparation and review

    Mission Statement

    The mission of the Guidance Department is to empower all students to achieve their full potential, make positive choices and to be well prepared for their post secondary life.

    In addition to Guidance Counselor services, students have access to materials available in the Guidance Resource Area and are encouraged to make use of the availability of materials found there.


    Please make sure the school has accurate and/or updated contact information. This includes:

    • Best phone number to reach you at.
    • Current home address.
    • An email address that you check regularly.

    Please contact your student's alpha clerk (listed above) if any of the above information needs to be corrected and/or updated.

    Parent University Information - Junior and Senior Graduation Parent Presentation 2020/21

    Warriors, did you know you have a district student email address?

    Your student email address is your username plus

    For example, if your username is "r2.d2" then your email would be

    Using your Pinellas County Schools email account

    Virtual Conferences

    We will be holding a majority of our conferences through Microsoft Teams this year.

    When you receive a conference invite via email, you should see a "Join Microsoft Teams Meeting" link. Please click that link at the time of your scheduled conference. 

    Should you have any issues connecting to the Teams meeting, please contact your student's alpha clerk (listed below).

    Say Something Anonymous Reporting System

     Say Something

    Adopt a Classroom or Department

    This program provides a suggested $10.00 or more donations for school use by the faculty or staff member of your choice. Make your check payable to Osceola Fundamental High School.  In the memo line, list your student’s name AND faculty or staff member with the class or special program name. A receipt will be provided by our school bookkeeper. You may adopt as many classes or special programs as you desire.

    You will receive a thank you letter from the class and faculty or staff member listing what your donation provided.

    The Guidance Department will utilize donations for the purchase of gifts and gift cards for students during various events such as Seminars, College Application Week, Counselor Cafe, and College Decision Day. Please help us to recognize student achievement and personal growth.

    Adopt a Classroom or Department Form

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    How does a student meet with his/her school counselor?
    OFHS counselors have an open door policy for students -- however, sometimes we are in meetings, parent conferences, conducting seminars, testing, etc. If a student comes to visit us and we are unavailable at that moment, the student should fill out the Request to See Your Counselor slip to make an appointment. These slips are available in the Guidance Lobby and Student Services. Students can drop the request into the mailbox that is attached to their counselor’s door. The counselor will call each student down to the office for a meeting as quickly as possible.

    How do I arrange a parent/teacher conference?

    Many times questions can be answered and concerns can be resolved as easily as emailing the teacher or by requesting a phone conference with the teacher. Using your FOCUS ID and password, parents can see current grades, assignment grades, attendance and click a box to quickly email your student's teacher. After an email correspondence or phone call has been made, if there are further concerns or questions, please contact your student's assigned clerk to set up a conference time. Depending on the concern, the clerk will set up a time for a conference which will include the teacher, school counselor and/or administrator.

    How can I change my current schedule?

    The current year’s schedules are determined by the student's course request that they submitted during registration in March of the previous school year. Counselors allow requests to be changed and modified from March through the last day of school of the previous year. Students should consider the course request document as their contract for the following year. Students are urged to pick their courses carefully and to put thought into what they list as their alternate preferences as sometimes these alternate courses will need to be utilized to complete a student’s schedule.

    The process for schedule corrections is as follows:

    If there is an error on the student’s schedule at the start of the school year or new semester they are to fill out the Schedule Correction Form. This form must be completed in its entirety, including all required signatures, and submitted to guidance by the announced due date. Your student can pick this form up during lunch at the guidance table in the cafeteria at the start of each new semester. Requests submitted via phone or email will not be accepted.

    Change of mind requests cannot be honored.
    If your student received what they requested or one of their alternate course options, they will need to remain in the course. Schedule corrections also cannot be honored for period preference, lunch preference, teacher preference and personal opinion to the difficulty of a course.

    Mid-semester schedule changes, such as dropping a course, are not permitted. If there is a major area of concern, please contact the counselor assigned to your child to best determine next steps.
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