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  •  2021-2022 Athletic Participation


    All students wanting to participate in 2021-2022 Athletics must fill out the updated paperwork.  The paperwork can be obtained by using the link to the right or a copy can be picked up in the front office.  In addition to the paperwork, students must complete the following items and submit:

    1. Certificates for the annual watching of the 3 required safety videos:  Concussions / Heat Illness Prevention / Sudden Cardiac Arrest (they must have the student name on the certificate - if viewed under someone else's account, each certificate needs to be signed by the student).  Videos can be found at  
    2. Mandatory School Insurance - purchased at  Insurance for the 2021-22 school year becomes available on 7/1/21.  Do not purchase before this date.  Students wanting to participate in Tackle Football must purchase a Football insurance policy appropriate for the level they are playing at.  This insurance policy covers all other sports that they want to play through next summer.  Students participating in any other sport can purchase either the At School or the 24 Hour policy.  One policy will cover all sports through next summer (except Tackle Football). You do not need to purchase multiple policies.   
    3. Birth certificate copy (not original) for incoming students only
    4. Please make sure a valid email is somewhere on the paperwork

    If you have any general athletic questions, please contact Michele Copello (Athletic coordinator) at  If you have sport specific questions, such as tryout and practices, please contact the coach for that sport.  Scroll down to see coach by sport and season.


    Summer 2021

    If a student was cleared for sports during the 2020-21 School Year, then DO NOT fill out another packet.  Your paperwork is good through the summer (except your physical, which expires 1 calendar year from date of physical).  Please check with Michele Copello (Athletic Coordinator) about the status of your athlete via email

    Incoming students must have the following items submitted and cleared through the school. 


    CAUTION:  The 2021-22 Athletic Packet will be coming out sometime in June and the rollover for insurance for the 2021-22 school year will happen on July 1st.  Please only fill out this packet if you are planning on participating before the new packet becomes available. 

    1. Athletic Packet 2020-21 (see link under Athletic Files)
    2. Certificates for the annual watching of the 3 required safety videos:  Concussions / Heat Illness Prevention / Sudden Cardiac Arrest (they must have the student name on the certificate - if viewed under someone else's account, each certificate needs to be signed by the student).  Videos can be found at  
    3. Mandatory School Insurance - purchased at  For summer participation, ONLY buy the summer participant insurance as the insurance for 2021-22 will not become available till July 1st.
    4. Birth certificate copy (not original) for incoming students

    Please make sure email is somewhere on the paperwork


    Sports Night

    We will be hosting Sports Night again this summer.  This is NOT mandatory for students to attend.  This is an opportunity to get your athletic paperwork done for the year.  We will have a notary available and you can meet some of the coaches at this event.  Athletic Boosters will be selling spirit wear/items.  We are planning on having this event on Thursday, July 22nd from 5-8 PM.   If you are not planning on attending, paperwork can be submitted to the front office for clearance.


    Athletics 2021-2022

    The Athletic Packet is currently being updated and is expected to come out sometime in June.  We will make it available to the coaches and will put out an announcement through our call out/email system when it is available.  Please make sure that you have a viable phone number/email with the school to get this information.

    School insurance for 2021-22 will become available on July 1st.  This is mandatory for any student wanting to participate in conditioning, tryouts and competition.  Only ONE policy needs to be purchased for the school year.  Please read the brochure in selecting your insurance policy.  At School and 24 Hour insurances cover all sports, EXCEPT Tackle Football.  Football insurance will cover Tackle Football in addition to any other sport a student participates in.

    Students planning on participating in Fall Sports should have their paperwork submitted by Thursday 7/22 to ensure that it gets processed in time for the beginning of Fall Sports.  This is especially important for sports that have a tryout. 

    Paperwork can be emailed to Michele Copello at  Please DO NOT email individual documents as it takes forever to save them.  Please scan them into a single document or a couple of files.  Paperwork can also be handed into the office. 

    Please contact the coach of the sport about information pertaining to the particular sport you are interested in.  A complete list of coaches is provided below.  Many coaches have an email blast that they send out for communication.  Please contact the coach to get on their email list.

    Fall Sport

    Coach Contact

    Boys/Girls Cross Country

    Pete Eagleson

    Boys JV/V Football

    Cody Montgomery

    Boys/Girls Golf

    James Hill

    Boys V and Girls JV/V Swimming

    Karen Smalley

    Girls JV/V Volleyball

    Ashley Martin 

    Winter Sport

    Coach Contact

    Boys V Basketball

    Eddie Moralobo

    Boys JV Basketball

    Jerry Eeten

    Girls JV/V Basketball

     Kacee Crumpacker   

    Boys V Soccer

    Ian Matthew   

    Girls JV/V Soccer

    Steve Kuplicki


    Dan Smalley

    Spring Sport

    Coach Contact

    Boys Baseball

    Stefan Futch

    Girls JV/V Flag Football

    Kacee Crumpacker

    Girls Softball

    Brian Mont

    Boys/Girls Tennis

    Alberto Lense

    Girls Track & Field     

    Pete Eagleson      

    Boys Track & Field

    Anthony Blakeney

    Boys Lacrosse

    Charles Graves 

    Girls Lacrosse


    Other Programs

    Coach Contact

    JV/V Football & JV/V Basketball Cheerleading

    Janice Howell



    NOTES:  Band paperwork will NOT be accepted in lieu of Athletics paperwork.  The forms are NOT the same.  If a student is participating in both Band and a Sport, he/she must fill out separate packets.  Students must have ALL of the above completed to even do summer conditioning.

    If you have any questions, please email the Athletic Coordinator, Michele Copello:


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