• Critical Need for Mentors

    Osceola High currently has a critical need for Doorways Scholar Mentors.  Mentors meet with their assigned student once or twice a month during lunch.  Attendance at a PCSB mentor workshop is required before mentoring can start.  This is an extremely rewarding experience.  Please contact our Volunteer Coordinator if you are interested in learning more about this opportunity.  Thank you in advance for all that you do here at Osceola High.

    The Pinellas County Schools web page is no longer providing a link to Focus/SIS for volunteers when they login there to record hours in Focus.  If they are unable to login via the Pinellas County Schools website, please advise your volunteers to use the direct login to Focus/SIS at this web address: https://portal.pcsb.org

    They can simply type this address into their browser’s address window, and it will take them directly to Focus/SIS, where they can then use their login credentials to gain access.

    For questions or issues concerning the contents of this email, please call the TechHelp Desk at 588-6060 or create a ticket:  https://techhelp.pcsb.org 

    Volunteers: Last Spring, the volunteer system was successfully changed over to Portal. All family & community liaisons or designees now use portal to register volunteers, confirm background checks, match mentors and tutors to students, track volunteer’s impact to student(s), collect hours, enter and track community partnership data and donations. Other than the expected glitches, the District is working to stabilize the system over the next couple of weeks.  
    It is VERY important that all volunteers are signing into Portal at school or at home to record their hours. Please be sure if you are a mentor or tutor  you are selecting the students you are associated with.  Directions on how to enter your hours into Portal are listed below.

    Pinellas County Schools Portal Volunteer Sign-In and Adding Volunteer Hours Procedures:

    • Using the computer at the school, click on the Portal icon on the desktop, or if signing on at home, go to www.pcsb.org and click on the PCS Portal icon on the Home Page.
    • Sign into Portal using your v. account (last name first initial).
      • Username Example: v.smithw
    • The password is your Last Name (the first letter capitalized) immediately followed by your birth
      • Example: Smith1975 Press “Enter” or Click Login In
    • Adding Volunteer Hours to Your Account.
      Click on the Volunteer icon.  A dropdown menu will appear. Click on Add hours. Enter the following information:
      • Date: The date will default to today's date.  Change the date if hours are for another day.
      • School: If you volunteer at more the one school there will be a dropdown selection.  Select the school location where you volunteered.
      • Hours: Select the hours worked.
      • Description: Choose the activity or if a tutor the subject.
      • Student: Choose student you worked with if a “Tutor or Mentor.”  If you worked with a group, choose All Students.
      • Location: Choose where you worked.
      • Comments Box: Add any information that is important such as: materials covered, or subjects discussed.
    • Click: “Enter hours” to save.
     Step by Step Instructions

    Volunteer reactivation instructions. 

    If you’re a returning volunteer you do not have to fill out a new volunteer registration form. All you need to do is “activate” in the volunteer system in Focus prior to volunteering at your selected school. To activate your volunteer profile go to https://focus.pcsb.org/volunteer. Log in using your v.account (last name first initial - all lowercase) and password: Last name birth year.  This is a new link for volunteers.  Please remove the old link from your computer and save this to favorites.  This link must be used with Firefox and does not work with phones. 


    Login: v.smitha

    Password: Smith1973

Volunteer File Library