Osceola Fundamental High

Home of Academic Success and Warrior Pride

Principal   Ext. Email
Principal Mr. Mike Bohnet 2007 bohnetm@pcsb.org
Secretary Marie Jantschek 2007 jantschekm@pcsb.org

Assistant Principals   Ext. Email
9th - 12 Grade P-Z Mr. Mark Robertson 2010 robertsonm@pcsb.org
9th - 12 Grade A-G Ms. Lynne Mowatt 2014 mowatte@pcsb.org
9th - 12 Grade H-O Ms. Christina Ouellet 2005 ouelletc@pcsb.org

Clerks   Ext. Email
9th - 12 Grade A-G Lisa Reitz 2018 reitzli@pcsb.org
Fundamental Clerk & Wait List Donna Kelly 2006 kellyd@pcsb.org
Data Tech, Transcripts, 504's Cristy Valdes 2015 valdesc@pcsb.org
9th - 12 Grade P-Z & Transportation Cathy Nolan 2009 nolanca@pcsb.org
Sr. Data Tech Tena Claerhout 2019 claerhoutt@pcsb.org
Front Office Robin Gerlach 2028 gerlachr@pcsb.org
9th - 12 Grade H-O & Records Tammy Bowling 2020 bowlingt@pcsb.org

Guidance   Ext. Email
9th Grade/Fundamental Pat McDaniel 2004 mcdanielpa@pcsb.org
10-12th Grade A-G Krysta Nymark
2012 nymarkk@pcsb.org
10th-12th Grade H-O Twila Jackson 2013 jacksontw@pcsb.org
10th-12th Grade P-Z Elley Polizzi 2016 polizzie@pcsb.org      

Bookkeeping   Ext. Email
Bookkeeper Michelle Smith 2023 SMITHMICHEL@pcsb.org
Asst. Bookkeeper Karen Moody 2024 Moodyka2pcsb.org

Other   Ext. Email
Cafeteria Dru Lang 2031  
Volunteer Coordinator Deborah Giovo 2002 GIOVOD@pcsb.org
Technology Coordinator Michael Wolf2072 WOLFMIC@pcsb.org
Media SpecialistAndrea McDougal MCDOUGALA@pcsb.org
Social WorkerJanet Oliver  2021OLIVERJA@pcsb.org
Psychologist  Juliana Stolz, NCSP2022