• Advanced Placement General Information

    May 6 Meeting – General Handout

    AP Exam Scores Online

    With AP Exams taking place, we want to remind you that students will receive their AP scores online this year. Students' online score reports will contain scores for all AP Exams they have taken. Paper score reports will no longer be mailed.

    All students will be able to view scores as of 5 a.m. EDT on Monday, July 8. However, to allow for those students who need to send scores to colleges by July 15, there will be early access to view and send scores at scheduled times from July 5 to July 7, based on a student's location. Students will receive an email shortly before early access begins with reminders about how and when to access their scores.

    For more information, click the Online Scores for Students link above to visit the CollegeBoard website.


    AP to College Credit - FILE

    Recently several questions have come up regarding what college credit students receive for scoreing a 3, 4 or 5 on an AP exam.  The Florida State University System has very clearly defined credit by exam that is awarded to students.  Attached is a document that you can use to share with students how their score on the AP exam in your subject could translate to credit at a Florida SUS institution.  Please note the information on page 1 states the following:


    “ If a student achieves the score listed on an AP, AICE, IB or CLEP exam, state universities and community colleges must award the minimum recommended credit for the course or course numbers listed, even if they do not offer the course. Up to 45 total credit-by-exam credits may be awarded.”


    Students who are planning to apply to schools that are not part of the Florida State University System should personally contact the admissions office of the institutions they are considering to identify themselves and ask how their AP exam may or may not translate to credit at their institution.