• We are pleased that you are interested in our school and hope that our website has much to offer you. If you are new to Osceola and its fundamental program, we trust that you will find our school to be academically rigorous, uniquely progressive, caring and helpful to our students and parents.

    Osceola is the first fundamental high school in Florida and is among only a handful of fundamental high schools in the country. What do we mean by fundamental? We mean that we have created a program that is “like schools used to be.” We have created a school where parents are involved, students are on task and are successful, and teachers are responsive and highly communicative. 
    Among the unique aspects of our school:

    • Mandatory parent meetings each month
    • Regular communication with teachers
    • A homework heavy curriculum
    • A system of demerits that requires students to stay on task
    • A stricter dress code than other high schools
    • High expectations for student behavior and cooperation
    • We are unique among the high schools in Pinellas County because we are the district’s only countywide magnet program. Though we’re not actually a magnet, we fall under the magnet guidelines because we require an application to attend Osceola and our seats are filled to capacity each year. We have no specific entry requirements (which is why we’re not technically a magnet) as we want to be a school that is open to all types of students and families.


    Our students are strong academically and involved in extracurricular activities. We endeavor to create a school that is worthy of their attendance and true to their expectations of excellence. We seek to hire the best teachers in Florida and are very proud of our current faculty. They are first-rate educators.

    This combination of strong students and high-performing teachers is uniquely Osceola. Though we still work to improve each year, we have all the key ingredients to make our school a world-class high school that our principal envisions and our community demands. There is no stopping us now.