• Meetings

    Parents/guardians are required to attend eight Parent-Teachers - Student Association (PTSA), School Advisory Council (SAC) meetings or school-based Booster Meetings each school year. The meeting dates are listed on the school calendar.
    When circumstances arise, which make it impossible for a parent/guardian to attend a required meeting, a representative (18 years of age or older) may be sent. The representative may represent only one family and representation may be sent to no more than two meetings per year. If a parent must exercise this option, they must notify the principal prior to the meeting. It is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to make the representative aware of all obligations.

    Sign-in at meetings must be completed no later than ten minutes after the scheduled start of the meeting as the sign-in cards are removed at that time. Meetings last approximately one hour and parents are expected to be present for the entire meeting. Arriving late, leaving early, or failure of a parent/guardian to sign in will result in the meeting being counted as unattended. Sign-in cards must be handed in by the individual who signed the card for that meeting.
    The procedure for unattended meetings is as follows:

    1. After one missed meeting, a reminder letter will be sent to the family.
    2. After two missed meetings, a letter will be sent placing the parent/family on probation. Once a family is placed on probation, a representative may not be sent to any meetings. The parent or legal guardian will be required to attend all remaining meetings.
    3. After the third missed meeting, the student/family will be referred to the school-based Intervention and Appeal Committee (IAC).