• Fundamental Dress Code


    Students in the fundamental schools are expected to exercise good judgement and dress in a responsible manner.  The Code of Student Conduct and the Fundamental Handbook outline the dress code for Osceola Fundamental High School.


    All clothing must be work in the manner in which it is designed to be worn.  Any exception to the dress code policies my be approved by the school administration.  All dress and grooming rules will be enforced.  Students violating the dress code will be sent to the office to call their parent/guardian for a change of clothing.  The student will be issued a detention for each violation of the dress code policy*. Repeated violations may result in a referral to the school’s Intervention and Appeal Committee.


    *Within the first 10 school days students violating the dress code policy will receive a warning for the first offense, any additional offenses after the initial violation will result in a detention.  All future violations will result in detentions, as stated in Fundamental Policy. *


    Acceptable dress in the fundamental high school includes:

    • Dresses or skirts no higher than three inches above the knee
    • Ankle-length pants or slacks
    • Shirts, blouses, and/or sweaters
    • Nylon or cotton athletic pants with pockets
    • Shoes with some form of heel strap


    Unacceptable dress in the fundamental high school includes:

    • Shorts of any kind
    • Leggings or jeggings
    • Dresses, shirts, and/or blouses which bare the midriff (rule of thumb, if you raise your arm and your midriff shows the shirt is not an appropriate length)
    • Tank tops
    • Capris
    • Jeans and/or pants with rips, shreds, or tears
    • Flip flops, sandals, slippers, and/or any shoes without a back strap
    • See-through shirts
    • Halter dresses or blouses
    • Clothing and/or jewelry depicting profanity, violence, weapons, sexually suggestive signs or symbols, drugs/tobacco/alcohol, or cult/gang-related groups/clubs and organizations/activities