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    Summer Conditioning Information

    Any student participating in a sport that is having summer conditioning must have paperwork on file with the school.  The paperwork to be used for summer conditioning is the 2016-2017 paperwork (see link on this page).  If your sport does NOT have summer conditioning, there is no need to submit paperwork until after July 1st 2017 for the 2017-2018 school year.

    Students 9th -11th that participated in a sport or submitted paperwork with Athletic Coordinator and were CLEARED for sports are good for summer conditioning unless physical expires.  If physical expires during summer, the student must have a new one on file to continue participation.  Please check with Athletic Coordinator or coach (as they get periodic updates) to see if your child is cleared prior to showing up for conditioning.  Anyone not cleared will be sent home.

    Athletic Coordinator - Michele Copello

    To be cleared to participate, students must have:

    1.       Submitted a completed athletics packet to the front office (email Athletic Coordinator to make sure child has been cleared– Packets can be dropped off during regular school hours including summer hours.

    2.       Concussions Video – submit a certificate with paperwork.  Video link can be found on this page.

    3.       Student Insurance – link can be found on this page.  Insurance is good from time of purchase till July 31st


    Athletic Paperwork 2017-2018

    Athletic Paperwork for the 2017-2018 will be updated on the county website around July 1st 2017.  Packets submitted with signatures dated PRIOR to this date or with outdated forms WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED and new forms will have to be submitted.  The only exception will be the FHSAA physical form as long as it is dated within 1 calendar year.

    Click the following link to access the county website athletics forms page:

    These forms will become available on the school website AFTER school has started. 


    School Insurance for 2017-2018

    Enrollment for the 2017-18 school year will begin on July 1, 2017.  Football insurance is for tackle football and covers all other sports as well.  At School and 24 HR insurance covers all sports, except football.  Insurance begins the date you purchase and ends July 31st 2018. 


    Sports Night 2017

    Sports Night is an opportunity to pick up and fill out paperwork, ask questions, get the concussions video requirement done and purchase spirt wear from our Athletic Boosters club.  We are unable to make copies of the paperwork, so you may take it home and return it. 

    Sports Night will be on Thursday 7/20/17 from 6:00 – 8:00 pm in the Gym. 


    Coach Information

    Questions about a sport?  Here are our current coaches:

     **This information is subject to change.  Contact coach below for more info about summer conditioning, etc.

    Fall Sports


    Date of First Practice

    Regular Season Begins

    State Series Competition

    Coach Contact

    Boys/Girls Cross Country

    July 31st  

    Aug. 21st  

    Oct. 16th – Nov. 4th  

    Pete Eagleson

    Boys JV/V Football

    July 31st    

    Aug. 24th   

    Nov. 10th – Dec. 9th  

    Kevin Smalley

    Boys/Girls Golf

    July 31st  

    Aug. 21st

    Oct. 16st   – Nov. 1st   

    James Hill

    Boys V and Girls JV/V Swimming

    July 31st   

    Aug. 21st    

    Oct. 16th – Nov. 11th

    Karen Smalley

    Girls JV/V Volleyball

    July 31st   

    Aug. 21st   

    Oct. 16th  – Nov. 11th

    Kacee Crumpacker

    Football JV/V Cheer also available.  Contact Janice Howell ( for more information.  Tryouts are usually held in June.                                      


    Winter Sports


    Date of First     Practice

    Regular Season Begins

    State Series Competition

    Coach Contact

    Boys JV/V Basketball

    Oct. 31st  

    Nov. 21st

    Feb. 6th  – Mar. 4th   

    Marques Brown

    Girls JV/V Basketball

    Oct. 24th

    Nov. 14th

    Jan. 30th – Feb. 25th  

     Melissa Schmidt 

    Boys V Soccer

    Oct. 23rd

    Nov. 13th 

    Jan. 29th – Feb. 24th

    Al Sousa

    Girls JV/V Soccer

    Oct. 16th

    Nov. 6th  

    Jan. 22nd – Feb. 17th

    Steve Kuplicki


    Nov. 7th Exact date TBD

    Nov. 28th Exact Date TBD

    Feb. 13th – Mar. 4th Exact Date TBD

    Dan Smalley

    Basketball JV/V Cheer also available.  Contact Janice Howell ( for more information.  Tryouts are usually held in June.

    Spring Sports

     (These dates are for 2016 – 2017; dates of 2017-2018 not released yet)


    Date of First    Practice

    Regular Season Begins

    State Series Competition

    Coach Contact

    Boys Baseball

    Jan. 30th

    Feb. 20th  

    May 1st– May 27th

    Stefan Futch

    Girls JV/V Flag Football

    Feb. 13th

    Mar. 6th

    Apr. 24th –       May 13th

    Kacee Crumpacker

    Girls Softball

    Jan. 23rd  

    Feb. 13th

    Apr. 24th –      May 20th

    Jerry King

    Boys/Girls Tennis

    Jan. 23rd  

    Feb. 13th   

    Apr. 10th  –     Apr. 28th

    Alberto Lense

    Boys/Girls Track & Field

    Jan. 23rd   

    Feb. 13th

    Apr. 10th –       May. 6th    

    Girls – Eagleson (see above)

    Boys – Anthony Blakeney



    What do I need to participate in a sport?  All prospective athletes are to have an athletics packet completed and turned in PRIOR to trying out.  Due to FHSAA and county policies changing every year, this packet must be turned in every year.  Packets for the 2017-2018 year can be picked up in the office during the summer (after July 1st ) or can be printed from the Pinellas County website at under the Athletics link.  PLEASE WAIT TILL YOU GET A MESSAGE THAT THEY HAVE CHANGED OVER.  The athletic packets/requirements currently include:

    GA7 FHSAA Clearance for Participation Form (1 pg)                                                                                                

    PCS Application for Athletic Participation (1 pg)                                                                                                        

    Relevant Information Regarding Extracurricular Athletics Form (1 pg)                                                                 

    PCS High School Activities Participation Form (notarized – 1pg)                                                                            

    FHSAA Preparticipation Physical Evaluation (All 3 parts filled out – must be dated by physician and on this form – No state health forms are accepted)                                  

    FHSAA EL3 (4 pages – all signed by parent and student)

    Addendum to High School Activities Participation Form (1 pg)                                                                               

    School Insurance (can be purchased on PCSB athletic website)                                                                                              

    Copy of Birth Certificate (9th graders and new students only)                                                                                                   

    Concussions in Sports Video Certificate (found at


    NOTES:  Band paperwork will NOT be accepted in lieu of Athletics paperwork.  The forms are NOT the same.  If a student is participating in both Band and a Sport, he/she must fill out separate packets.  Students must have ALL of the above completed to even do summer conditioning.

     If you have any questions, please email the Athletic Coordinator, Michele Copello:

Athletic Files

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