Registration Information 2024-25


    Anyone who does not turn in their final registration forms will have a schedule created for them.

    JANUARY 29 - FEBRUARY 6:  Freshman Registration

    FEBRUARY 12-15:  Sophomore Registration

    FEBRUARY 26 - MARCH 1:  Junior Registration

    MARCH 5-20:  Incoming Freshman (8th Grade) Registration 


    Incoming Freshman Presentation

    Freshman Presentation

    Sophomore Presentation

    Junior Presentation


    Curriculum Guide 2024-2025

    Course Progression Chart

    Advanced Course Offerings:

    AP Offerings DE Offerings AICE Offerings
    AP Art History AP Macroeconomics Ancient Greek Mythology AICE Drama
    AP Biology AP Microeconomics Composition 1 AICE General Paper
    AP Calculus AB AP Music Theory Composition 2 AICE Marine Science
    AP Calculus BC AP Physics 1 Introduction to Humanities  
    AP Capstone Research AP Pre-Calculus Introduction to Motion Pictures  
    AP Capstone Seminar AP Psychology The College Experience  
    AP Chemistry AP Spanish Language & Culture Western Humanities I: Ancient to Renaissance  
    AP Comparative Government & Politics AP Spanish Literature    
    AP Computer Science A AP Statistics     
    AP Computer Science Principles AP Studio Art: 2D Design Portfolio    
    AP English Language & Composition AP Studio Art: 3D Design Portfolio    
    AP English Literature & Composition AP Studio Art: Drawing    
    AP Environmental Science AP U.S. Government    
    AP European History AP U.S. History    
    AP Human Geography AP World History    


    Registration Form (Current Students)

    Incoming Freshmen (8th Grade) Registration Form

    Enrollment in Honors/AICE/AP Course Acknowledgment Form

    Virtual School Release Period Agreement Form

    Directions on how to register for Pinellas Virtual School

    Directions on how to register for Florida Virtual School

    Dual Enrollment Options

    PERT Registration Instructions

    Dual Enrollment Permission Form

    Pinellas Technical College (PTC) Dual Enrollment Flyer

    Pinellas Technical College Dual Enrollment Admissions Packet (includes application)

    Graduation Requirements

    Credit Recovery and Grade Forgiveness Options

    Important Information

    Physical Education through Sports Request (H.O.P.E. "waiver")

    Counselor Student Assignments

    9th Grade Alexandra Havekotte
    10th - 12th Grade, Students with Last Names Starting with A - G Krysta Nymark
    10th - 12th Grade, Students with Last Names Starting with H - O Twila Jackson
    10th - 12th Grade, Students with Last Names Starting with P - Z  Electra Polizzi

    Enrollment in Honors/AICE/AP Courses Acknowledgment

    To achieve success in honors, AICE, and/or AP courses, students must be highly motivated to learn, maintain good study habits, complete all assignments, attend class regularly, and complete make-up work promptly. Honors, AICE, and AP coursework is more demanding than average classes in the following ways:

    • Honors/AICE/AP classes will cover essentially the same topics as regular classes, but at higher levels of complexity, greater depth, and/or faster pace.
    • The reading level of the instructional materials will be higher and there will be more reading required.
    • Students will be required to use a higher level of vocabulary.
    • Students will be required to do more writing.
    • Tests will be more challenging.
    • More homework will be required.
    • Students who enter with insufficient subject area knowledge will be expected to do extra work to be successful.

    The classroom teacher and other school personnel will work with your student to help them to be successful. We also count on you as our school partner to support your child by:

    • Working cooperatively with school personnel (teachers, counselors, administrators) to assure student success.
    • Arranging summer assistance before the beginning of the school year (if appropriate).
    • Arranging transportation before or after school for extra help when available from teacher, school tutors, volunteers, and other students.
    • Providing for tutoring help after school hours if tutoring is needed.
    • Monitoring homework assignments and signing quizzes and tests (if required).
    • Providing an appropriate study environment at home.
    • Ensuring regular school attendance and encouraging active class participation.

    In the event that your student experiences difficulty in an honors or AICE course (i.e., a grade of “D” or “F”), the school may place your student in a more appropriate course at the end of the semester for the remainder of the school year.

    Advanced Placement Withdrawal Fee Policy

    If your student requests to withdraw from an AP course, an exam cancellation fee must be paid before a schedule change can occur.

    Virtual School as a Release Period Enrollment

    Please be aware of the following policies and procedures regarding enrollment into a Pinellas Virtual School (PVS) and/or Florida Virtual School (FLVS) course as a release period:

    • First and foremost, you are NOT permitted to be on the OFHS campus during your release period.  Please secure transportation arrangements BEFORE signing up for a release period.
    • If a course is offered on the OFHS campus, it is recommended that you take the course on the OFHS campus.  If a course must be taken online, we recommend that you take it through PVS.
    • Your release period virtual course MUST be requested and approved by your parent and school counselor BEFORE the start of the semester in which you plan to take the course.  If you are not signed up by the first day of the semester, you will lose your release period and you will be placed into a course on the OFHS campus.
    • OFHS has no control over how quickly you will be placed into your requested virtual course once it has been approved by your counselor.  If you have concerns regarding your placement, you must contact the virtual school directly.
    • You are solely responsible for the successful completion of any and all virtual courses that you sign up for.  For each virtual school release period you request, you are responsible for completing a course, or segment of a course, by the end of the semester in which you are enrolled.  For example, if you have two release periods during the Fall semester, you must complete two virtual courses or segments by the end of the Fall semester (i.e., before the start of 1st Semester Exams).
    • Successful completion of your virtual course(s) and/or segment(s) is reviewed at the end of each semester.  You may lose the privilege of having additional release periods if you fail to complete your course(s) and/or segment(s) by the end of the semester in which you are enrolled.
    • In order to determine the graduation status of a Senior student, Spring virtual courses must be completed, with final grades posted online, BEFORE the start of 2nd Semester SENIOR Final Exams.
    • All grades, including “WF”s (Withdrawn Failing) and “WP”s (Withdrawn Passing), that are earned through PVS and/or FLVS are automatically reported to OFHS and become part of your official transcript.
    • Before committing to a virtual course, please be sure to carefully read all PVS and/or FLVS policies and procedures, including the student agreement, found on and/or
    • Any questions or concerns regarding the virtual classroom structure, teaching style and/or grading guidelines of the course must be handled directly with PVS and/or FLVS.

    Requesting Changes to your 2024-2025 Course Selections:

    • Remember, you are NOT to make any changes to your course selections in Focus. Your selections in Focus must match your choices on your blue registration form.
    • If you wish to make a change to your course selections, turn in your proof sheet with the following information:
      • Indicate the course you no longer wish to take next year (cross it out).
      • Indicate the new selections (write it next to the crossed out course). Be sure your choices still add up to 7.0 credits worth of classes.
      • Have a parent sign the proof sheet
      • Turn the proof sheet in to your counselor:
        • 9th Grade - Ms. Havekotte
        • A-G - Mrs. Nymark
        • H-O - Ms. Jackson
        • P-Z - Ms. Polizzi
      • Your counselor will make the change for you and send you a new proof sheet.
    • The deadline to request a change to your course selections is April 26th.
    • You should double-check your course selections before you leave for summer vacation. Your summer reading and/or summer assignment(s) will be determined by the courses you have requested. To view your selections:
      • Log into your Focus account
      • Change the year to “2024-2025”
      • Click on “Class Requests

    AP Capstone Diploma Program

    • AP Capstone is a College Board program that equips students with the independent research, collaborative teamwork, and communication skills that are increasingly valued by colleges. It cultivates curious, independent, and collaborative scholars and prepares them to make logical, evidence-based decisions.
    • AP Capstone Student Brochure

    AP Capstone


    • Who is Eligible for AVID Secondary?
      • AVID students meet at least ONE of the following criteria AND they are selected through an application process that identifies the academic middle within their school.
        • Average to high test scores
        • 2.5 - 3.5 grade point average
        • College potential
        • Desire and determination
        • Appropriate classroom behavior
        • Good attendance record
        • Strong work habits
        • A willingness to commit themselves to studying
        • The desire to attend college
    • By the time an AVID student graduates High School they will have completed a minimum of 3 AP/Dual Enrollment courses.
    • High School AVID Application



    Minimum Course Requirements

    9th - AVID 1

    at least one honors course each semester

    10th - AVID 2

    at least two honors courses each semester

    11th - AVID 3

    at least one college level course (AP, AICE, Dual Enrollment) plus one honors course or another college level course each semester

    12th - AVID 4

    at least two college level courses (AP, AICE, Dual Enrollment) each semester

    Florida Virtual School (FLVS)

    • Select FLVS Flex during sign up.
    • Deadline to sign up for both Summer and Fall classes is May 29.
    • Fall release period courses should have a a "Preferred Start Date" any time between August 1 and August 12.
      • If you are not enrolled in an online course by the first day of school, you will lose your release period and will be placed in a class on campus.


    Pinellas Virtual School (PVS)

    • Students can sign up for PVS classes through FLVS.
    • Select County Virtual School during sign up.
    • Deadline to sign up for both Summer and Fall classes is May 29.
    • Fall release period courses should have a a "Preferred Start Date" any time between August 1 and August 12.
      • If you are not enrolled in an online course by the first day of school, you will lose your release period and will be placed in a class on campus.

    Pinellas Technical College (PTC) 

    Dual Enrollment students must…

    • Meet all of the qualifications for the institution hosting the courses.
    • Take at least 4 classes at their high school.
    • Have a full schedule (7 active classes per semester).
    • Have no more than 6 college level classes (DE, AP, AICE, IB) per semester.
    • Be pursuing a 24-credit standard diploma.


    St. Petersburg College (SPC)

    • Visit the Fall SPC DE Registration page for more information
    • Summer Registration Deadline:  April 30
    • Fall Registration Deadline:  Last day of school
    • Spring Registration Deadline:  Friday before Thanksgiving


    University of Florida (UF)


    University of South Florida (USF)

    • Students may take classes listed on the Dual Enrollment Course - High School Subject Area Equivalency List that are not available to them at SPC as long as they meet all prerequisites and testing requirements for the course. 
    • Need to complete the USF Non-Degree Application
    • Need to complete the USF Dual Enrollment Informational Approval Form 1
    • Summer Registration Deadline:  NA
    • Fall Registration Deadline:  April 22
    • Spring Registration Deadline:  Friday before Thanksgiving
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