Credit Recovery and Grade Forgiveness / Tutoring


    Need to make up credits or boost your GPA? Ask your school counselor about the options listed below.

    Please know that only grades of “D”s and “F”s are eligible for forgiveness, with the exception of “C”s earned in middle school.

    Edmentum After School Credit Recovery (ASCR, formerly ELP) - Application & Agreement Form

    ASCR is offered on our campus after school. All core courses (i.e., English, Math, Science, and Social Studies) are open to 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th graders. Courses will be taken via Edmentum – a computer-based credit recovery program that allows students to work at their own pace until the subject matter is mastered. Please note that seats are limited and that a student must be first approved by the guidance department and then accepted by the ASCR coordinator. Enrollment is on a first-come, first-served basis, however, seniors are given priority placement.

    A few points to be aware of: (1) students must finish all course requirements to earn credit or grade forgiveness; (2) students must earn a passing grade of “B” on the subject exam to earn credit; (3) students may not miss more than three days or nine hours of instructional time without prior approval from the ASCR coordinator; (4) students may be suspended or removed from the program for not meeting the guidelines and procedures as outlined by the ASCR coordinator and instructor(s); and (5) Edmentum courses do not meet NCAA credit requirements.

    Pinellas Virtual School

    PVS brings together the best technologies, the best curriculum and most importantly the best of Pinellas County teachers who provide an incredible online experience. PVS uses the Canvas and Florida Virtual School learning management systems for curriculum delivery.

    Florida Virtual School (Flex Option)

    FLVS is a fully accredited public school that offers more than 120 FREE courses to K-12 public, private, and homeschool students. Every FLVS course is taught by a dedicated and certified teacher who is focused on student success. Courses are aligned with Florida and national standards and are accessible 24/7. Core courses are NCAA approved. Enrollment is open 365 days a year due to the FLVS year-round rolling enrollment model.

    Night School - Form 2-2097

    Students must obtain a completed High School Credit Referral Form from their school counselor and bring it to the night school campus on the night they enroll in class. Most night schools use the Edmentum credit recovery program which enables students to make up high school credits on-line. The curriculum is self-paced, and progress and completion of the course is mastery based. Once the work is completed, the credit is earned. Visit the websites below for school times and course offerings:



    - Mu Alpha Theta Peer Math Tutoring

    Extended Learning Program (ELP)

    After school from 2:00-3:00; days will vary by course.

    • ACT Prep (ELA and Math)
    • STEM
    • Social Studies Tutoring
    • AP/AICE Tutoring
    • Science Tutoring
    Khan Academy

    A nonprofit with the mission to provide a free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere.

    Join Khan Academy to get personalized help with what you're studying or to learn something completely new.

    Learning Labs

    Locally owned and operated for over 25 years in Seminole. Students work face to face with certified teachers in a comfortable setting to build confidence and test taking skills. We start with a comprehensive diagnostic test to determine strengths and weaknesses. This is the basis for the individualized program we design for each student. 18 weeks are normally required for our most successful plan. Learn strategies for each test and become more assured at each step of the way. We are experts in all facets of the SAT and ACT tests and have proven results for boosting scores for college entrance. Remember…..Higher scores on the SAT/ACT tests equate to more options during the college admissions process. Feel secure in knowing you have selected the premier test taking service.

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