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    Seminole Recreation Center (volunteering)

    We have a Teen Intern Program that allows high school aged teens to volunteer for our Youth Summer Camp program.  Teens will learn how to be a Camp Counselor as well as the necessary character traits for this position. They will receive training on recreational games and activities (the same as our camp counselors).  During camp, Teen Interns will be expected to supervise children (on field trips, swimming, games, transitions, lunch/snack time, etc.) as they are our additional set of eyes for the camp counselors.  Each week Teen Interns will have new tasks and responsibilities as well as the opportunity to learn from different counselors and work with different age groups.  Eventually, Teen Interns will learn to lead activities and teach our campers different games they enjoy.

    I’ve attached the application which has the requirements.  Teen Interns have to apply, provide a recommendation letter with application, interview and then be selected for a position. This will be an easy way for your students to gain community service hours, while still enjoying the involvement of recreation.

    Wyatt Leonard

    Recreation Program Coordinator


    WEBSITE:  http://www.myseminole.com

    Teen Intern Application

    Peace Ambassador Leadership Summit (PALS) (opportunity) 


    This summer, the Peace Ambassador Leadership Summit (PALS) begins at the University of Central Florida, where students are introduced to Leadership, Career Exploration, and Interpersonal Development. This program is designed to guide students through exploring diverse career opportunities while simultaneously developing vital interpersonal skills. It’s an essential step for students aiming to understand their career prospects and refine their ability to communicate and collaborate effectively. Students earn 50 service hours at PALS at UCF.

    Following UCF, the University of Florida delves into Leadership, Business, and Entrepreneurship, fostering a culture of innovation and ethical business practices. This program is meticulously crafted to inspire future leaders by equipping them with the age-appropriate necessary tools and mindset for entrepreneurial success and responsible business leadership. Students earn 30 service hours at PALS at UF.

    Next, Florida International University’s segment on Leadership and Mental Health dives into the digital impact on students’ lives. It offers insightful presentations and discussions on social media’s effects on mental wellness. This vital program not only prepares students for college but also arms them with strategies for digital-age mental health, emphasizing emotional resilience and self-empowerment. Participants at PALS at FIU earn 50 service hours, blending educational enrichment with valuable community service.

    The series concludes at Georgetown University with From Passion to Action: Activating Your Leadership Journey. This program focuses on transforming students’ passions into actionable leadership roles and opportunities. Emphasizing leadership skills, advocacy, and community engagement, it encourages students to embark on a journey of meaningful impact and contribution. Students earn 50 service hours at PALS at GU.

    Beyond workshops, PALS prioritizes networking, fellowship, and self-care in leadership growth. Engagements like art therapy, karaoke, ice cream socials, movie nights, dorm decorating, talent shows, and team-building games are key, to fostering connections among participants. These activities build a supportive community to combat burnout, emphasizing the importance of networking and mutual support. This balanced approach ensures leadership development at PALS is enriched by personal well-being and lasting relationships.

    WEBSITE:  https://www.nveee.org/pals/

    Youth Leadership Pinellas (opportunity)

    Youth Leadership Pinellas (YLP) is a program consisting of a series of interactive days designed to educate high school teens on community resources and issues, develop an excellence in leadership, build teamwork skills, and foster involvement in community services. During each program day, students have the opportunity to meet community decision makers and leaders and to engage them in frank, off-the-record discussions on current issues. Graduates of YLP are better prepared to assume leadership roles of their own.  Here is a short video to see YLP in action https://www.leadershippinellas.com/programs/youth-leadership-pinellas/

    What exactly are we looking for?

    - Current freshman, sophomore and juniors interested in leadership

    - Students that have shown great potential to be future leaders

    - Academic and extracurricular achievers

    If you'd like to know even more about our program, we have Zoom calls you can join where we will be talking about the YLP program. This is scheduled on March 7, 2024 at 6 PM and March 19, 2024 at 6 PM. If you intend to attend the Zoom call, kindly RSVP to contact@leadershippinellas.com.

    APPLY HERE:  https://www.leadershippinellas.com/programs/youth-leadership-pinellas/apply/

    Pier 60 Sugar Sand Festival on Clearwater Beach (volunteering)

    Volunteer Perks:
    • Sand Ambassador T-shirt
    • Complimentary meal (valid only after completion of shift)
    • Complimentary transportation from Downtown Clearwater
    • Access to the Sugar Sand Walk Exhibit day of shift
    • One complimentary general admission ticket for return visit
    • $5 discount on festival apparel

    Additional Information:

    • Wear comfortable clothes, hat, sunglasses, shoes. Casual beach attire/shorts are recommended (Sorry, no bathing suits. Please remember that this is a family-friendly event)
    • Must be able to walk in the sand and tolerate Florida heat
    • Sunscreen is provided upon request
    • All bar sales and ID checkers must be 21 years of age
    • High School Students ages 15 and up are welcome. Any volunteer under 18 years of age must have parental permission. Please bring all Bright Futures and Volunteer Service Forms with you to your volunteer shift. Volunteer forms will be signed upon completion of your shift.
    • Questions? Please call 727-403-0517 or email info@sugarsandfestival.com

    Southern Oak Elementary (volunteering)

    Southern Oak is looking for students to volunteer for their upcoming Literacy Night on February 29th from 5:00pm-7:30pm. They will need students in the children’s room to play games, read, or do some activities so parents can go to breakout rooms hosted by the staff.

    Sabrina Willhoite

    Southern Oak Elementary

    Front Office Clerk/ Family and Community Liaison

    (727) 588-4654

    Seminole Community Library (volunteering)

    Bardmoor and Morton Plant (volunteering)

    For more information, please contact:

    Kelly Batsford

    Manager of Volunteer Resources

    Morton Plant Hospital and Bardmoor

    300 Pinellas St

    Clearwater, FL 33756

    T:727-461-8167 C:727-244-4372



    (keep checking back throughout the year)

    The Blackbird Academy Recording Camps

    Boston Leadership Institute

    Brown University Pre-College Programs

    Brown Pre-College Programs are designed for high school students to explore the challenges and opportunities of the college experience. You’ll enjoy the excitement and responsibility that comes from balancing challenging academics and enriching social activities—without the pressure of formal grades.

    WEBSITE:  https://precollege.brown.edu/

    Bucknell Academy Summer Experience (BASE)

    Bucknell Academy Summer Experience (BASE) is a collaborative residential experience where students are invited to explore the value of a liberal arts perspective in making challenging decisions to improve today’s world. At BASE, students will experience interdisciplinary study from top tier professors while challenging their thought processes. This year’s theme is To Share or Not to Share: How has media impacted society and what can we learn from it?

    When: June 23 - June 28
    Who: Rising juniors and seniors in high school are welcome to apply

    Columbia University Pre-College Programs

    WEBSITE:  https://precollege.sps.columbia.edu/programs/summer-programs

    Fordham's Summer Leaders Academy

    Fordham's Summer Leaders Academy is an immersive pre-college program that offers innovative academic courses, along with activities in the most exciting classroom of all, New York City! With on-campus housing and commuter options available, this pre-college program is crafted to redefine the summer and set the stage for students' future success.

    Your students can join us for a virtual info session on Wednesday, January 31 at 6:00 PM Eastern to learn more.

    Immersion 1: June 24-27
    Immersion 2: July 8-18
    Immersion 3: July 22-August 1

    Course options include:

    • A New York Exploration of Art History
    • Business Communication
    • FRESH Air: Hands-On STEM, Investigating Air Quality and Climate Impact in NYC
    • Your Journey to the Bar: Fordham Pre-Law Intensive
    • ...and many more!

    Mercy University Summer Leadership Academy

    Rising high school seniors experience university first-hand during this week-long, action-packed summer program. They learn about leadership and business careers from Executive Faculty who have worked at top global companies.

    • Visit Fortune 500 Companies
    • Explore careers in business
    • Team building - Shark Tank and more

    For High School Juniors with:

    • Cumulative, weighted GPA above 90
    • Demonstrated leadership skills
    • Excellence in public speaking
    • Passion for business

    Choose from three one week sessions:

    • June 23 – June 29
    • July 7 – July 13
    • July 21 – July 27

    Apply for Summer 2024

    WEBSITE:  https://www.mercy.edu/academics/school-business/business-leadership-academy

    Miami University Summer Scholars Program

    The Summer Scholars Program is a week-long* summer experience for high-achieving high school students who will be juniors or seniors the following fall. This program provides experiential learning opportunities that will prepare you for college and future success. The Summer Scholars curriculum is built for active learners. Students participate in lively discussions, hands-on projects, and real-world experiences with our faculty.

    *This Miami is located in Ohio

    WEBSITE:  https://miamioh.edu/visit-miami/summer-scholars/index.html

    North Carolina State University Pre-College Programs

    Our pre-college programs give students the opportunity to develop academic skills, conduct research, investigate careers, build a portfolio, experience college life and ultimately prepare for college enrollment.

    WEBSITE:  https://precollege.ncsu.edu/ 

    Notre Dame Pre-College Program

    As a high school student who is motivated to change the world, we invite you to consider the pre-college online program offered by the University of Notre Dame. Designed to empower brilliant and energetic thinkers, courses feature dynamic video lessons by renowned faculty, and access to mentors. Best of all, study anywhere, anytime, at your own pace, since the program is available year-round. This is a great opportunity for you to explore your passions and prepare for college. 


    Launching a new business can be risky, but well worth the investment of time, money, and effort if you take the right steps. This course guides you through the fundamentals and exciting inner workings of the world of business. Analyze companies like Lululemon, Nike, and AT&T, and identify an opportunity of your own to create a hypothetical startup business. You’ll learn the basic legal, accounting, and tax considerations. You’ll practice reading financial statements, market insights, and apply growth strategies that will take you from startup, to established business, to going public.


    What are the various types of social influences, and how do they affect our reality? How are our individual thoughts, feelings, and behaviors impacted by others? In this course, you will investigate the central and active role of personality and the ‘self’ as it relates to our understanding of the world. You will evaluate the biased manner in which we make judgments of others and ourselves, and analyze the connection between knowledge of ‘self’ and wellness.

    WEBSITE:  https://precollegeonline.nd.edu/

    Orlando Health Healthcare Pathway Summer Program

    Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute PREFACE 2024: Summer Engineering Design Program

    Are you a high school sophomore or junior (entering 11th or 12th grade in the fall of 2024) with a passion for engineering or technology? PREFACE is a summer experience hosted by Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute for students interested in pursuing a career in engineering or technology who are part of groups that have been historically underrepresented or underserved in science, engineering, and other technological fields.  

    Since 1978, PREFACE has provided a pre-college introduction to the different types of engineering, allowing students to understand what engineers do and what it takes to become an engineer. PREFACE students are exposed to today’s global challenges and learn to use engineering design and manufacturing processes to develop possible solutions.

    WEBSITE:  https://info.rpi.edu/pre-college-initiatives/preface-2024-rensselaer-summer-engineering-design-program

    Rhodes College Summer Writing Institute

    The Summer Writing Institute at Rhodes College takes place annually for two weeks during June and is a residential academic program committed to developing the critical thinking and writing skills of high school students. Within the college′s liberal arts environment, students sharpen their reading and analytical skills and learn strategies for writing creatively and critically. At the end of the session, students receive a grade for their work and class participation, earn two college credits (transferable to most colleges and universities), and will complete a portfolio of college-level writing.

    WEBSITE:  https://www.rhodes.edu/academics/summer-programs-high-school-students/summer-writing-institute

    Rice University Precollege Program

    WEBSITE:  https://precollege.rice.edu

    Stanford University Pre-Collegiate Summer Institutes

    Stanford University Summer Humanities Institute

    Stevens Pre-College Summer

    You can view our Pre-College offerings here. Each of our programs give students the opportunity to explore a college major and test drive the college experience. Each of our programs have been creatively designed by a world-class Stevens faculty member who is an expert in their field. Our goal is to get your students thinking strategically about their future! 

    If you would like to get a more in-depth look at what Stevens Pre-College Programs offer, click here!

    March 1st 2024 is the priority deadline to apply to our Pre-College programs.  Encourage your students to submit their application and supporting documents by this date. Remember: If students submit by March 1st, they will receive a decision from us by the end of March! 

    Syracuse University Pre-College

    For 64 years, Syracuse University has been providing rising high school sophomores, juniors and seniors with the opportunity to explore potential majors and careers in its renowned pre-college programs.

    In Summer College, your can choose from over 100 college-level courses offered on campus, online or in a hybrid format. As a Summer College student, you will:

    • Build your resume or portfolio
    • Enhance your college applications so you stand out to college admissions
    • Test out a major before committing to your undergrad degree
    • Earn a Certificate of Completion and a Syracuse University credit or noncredit transcript

    The scholarship deadline is March 1, 2024, and the final application deadline is May 1, 2024. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis and courses fill quickly, so apply soon!

    Feel free to reach out if you have any questions by phone 315.443.5000 or email

    University of Massachusetts Amherst Pre-College Program

    Unlock your potential while having fun this summer! Get a taste of the college experience, explore your interests, and experience campus life.

    Discover pre-college opportunities available this summer for rising 10th-12th graders at UMass Amherst. Offering academic intensives in over 25+ topics including STEM, art & design, business and more, plus unique six-week lab research experiences. 

    Our year-round college prep workshops offer students the practical skills and knowledge to confidently navigate the college application process. 

    WEBSITE:  https://www.umass.edu/uww/programs/pre-college

    University of Michigan Joy of Coding

    Waynesburg University CSI Camp

    This Camp will take place from June 10, 2024 to June 14, 2024, and we are thrilled to once again make this opportunity available. 

    Our CSI Camp is designed to give students hands-on experience of what they can expect in the forensic science and criminal justice majors and, ultimately, occupations. Camp will enable students to enhance their knowledge and understanding of forensic topics and allow them to make valuable connections with professionals and fellow peers in the field. Students will have an opportunity to train with and learn from certified experts in a small group setting. 

    Students entering 11th grade, 12th grade, or who are spring 2024 high school graduates are eligible to attend CSI Camp. 

    If you would like more information on the Camp, please visit our CSI Camp page. If interested, you can register for the Camp on this website as well. 

    West Point’s Summer Leaders Experience (SLE) 

    At West Point we develop Leaders of Character, and we are looking for high-achieving young people who are in great standing with their school and community, and who want to challenge themselves. Please see the attached flyer to share with your students, educators, and parents!

    What is SLE?

    • SLE is a one-week program for current Juniors (High School Class of 2025) to visit West Point in June.
    • Students in this program get to spend the week with our cadets, live in the barracks, and eat in the mess hall.
    • Learn about West Point’s world class academics by trying 5 of our 17 academic workshops.
    • Learn about military training and becoming a Leader of Character at West Point by completing two military days to include rappelling, Zodiac boats, combatives (like Jiu-Jitsu) training and more!
    • Challenge themselves physically by attempting the Candidate Fitness Assessment, conducting physical training, and sports.
    • Complete their admissions interview with a cadet.
    • Spend the week making friends with other students from all over the US who are applying to West Point.

    All the students that I have spoken with have really enjoyed this program and they especially enjoy interacting with the cadets. Your students may sign up for this program now by using the QR code in the attached “2024 SLE FLYER” or directly at westpoint.edu. Our priority application deadline for SLE is the following Friday on March 15th and we will accept applications until April 15th. SLE is competitive and not all who apply are offered to attend.

    Learn more about SLE- https://www.westpoint.edu/admissions/summer-program
    Apply now- https://apply.westpoint.edu/portal/candidate

    Wheaton Pre-College

    Wheaton Pre-College is built to provide academic excellence while fostering independence, adaptability, and social engagement—all to help students prepare for success in college and life. Here are the academic themes being offered this summer:​​​

    • AI, Technology & Innovation
    • Communicating Creatively
    • Environmental Science in Action
    • Justice, Law & Psychology
    • Nursing & Life Sciences

    Our program offers two pathways: A Student Experience where students select two courses in their area(s) of interest or a one-of-a-kind Student Athlete Experience where students who pursue Fencing, Swimming or dedicated Strength and Conditioning to support any sport can take a college-level course plus training from NCAA coaches.

    For summer 2024, we have two options available: Commuter and full Residential. This allows students and parents to choose the experience that aligns best with their schedules, student support needs, and financial considerations. 

    Finally, our credit/non-credit options caters to diverse student profiles; whether they are type A personalities, driven and goal-oriented, or those seeking a less-stressed experience where they can grow at a manageable pace and all those in-between, we support each student's individual journey and aspirations.

    Applications are now open, so please visit our website to see course offerings and athletic programs. If you have any questions or would like to connect, I’m happy to respond via email or set a time for us to connect.

    Interested students and their families should complete a request for information form or contact the Office of Summer Programming at precollege@wheatoncollege.edu.

    William & Mary Pre-College Online Program

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