• Car Circle:
    • Greet incoming students, parents, and staff.
    • Be alert and pay attention to the traffic.
    • Remind students to walk and stay back from the curb.
    • At the end of the day, give a greeting such as, "Have a nice day" to parents and students. 
     Crosswalk or Bike Rack:
    • Greet people with a “Good morning” or “Have a nice day.”
    • Students walking or riding bikes should cross only at the Safety Patrol crosswalks. If you observe students crossing anywhere else, please notify a teacher.
    • Remind bikers that they must walk beside their bikes once they get on campus.

    Kindergarten and Pre-K
    • Assist teachers in the morning
    • Monitor students as they line up before school.
    • Help students prepare for dismissal at the end of the day.
    • Walk students to the bus or car circle in the afternoon.
     Safety Patrol Captain:
    • Monitors other safety patrols.
    • Uses a checklist to keep track of Patrols
    • Reports concerns to Mrs. Gabbert or Mrs. Witte

    Outside Halls and Grade Level Pods:

    • Stand by the doors, and greet students and staff.
    • Open door for teachers and students
    • Monitor Students before School as they wait to enter their classrooms.
    • Remind students to walk before school and at dismissal.
     Flag Pole:
    • Always work with a partner. It's a 2  person job.
    • Get the flags from the front office.
    • Treat the flag respectfully and never let it touch the ground.
    • If you’ve been instructed to fly the flag at Half-Staff, make sure you take them all the way to the top of the flag pole before bringing it half-way down the flag pole.
    • If it's raining,  the flag will not be put up. 
    • Always fold  the flag according to official flag folding rules.
    • If the flag is wet, ask someone in the office where you should hang it to dry (NEVER fold it up when it is  a little bit wet).
    PE Assistant:
    • Assist PE  teachers with various tasks.
    • Help with set up of PE equipment.
    • Help with putting away PE equipment in the afternoon.
     Bus Circle:
    • Monitor student safety while entering or exiting the bus.
    • Greet incoming students.
    • Be alert and pay attention to the traffic.
    • Stand outside your bus until all students are safely seated.
    • Assist bus driver if needed once on the bus.
    • Remind students to walk and stay back from the curb.
    Safety Patrol Belts
    • Always wear belt when you are on duty.
    • If you forget or lose your belt you may not go to your post.
    • You may wash belt.
    • If your belt is lost or damaged, you will be responsible for the cost to purchase a new belt. 
    • In light rain students are provided raincoats to wear while duty.
    • During heavy thunderstorms or lighting students will not be allowed to go to their posts.
    Do's and Don'ts
    • Don't lean on the building or fence while on duty!
    • Don't visit with friends while on duty.
    • Don't go out into traffic to retrieve an object that has fallen into the parking lot.
    • Do let the traffic pass, and then have a supervising adult help with the situation.
    • Do keep a smile on your face! Have a good attitude and have fun.
    • Do get to your post quickly, and if you work in the morning, hurry to class after the first bell.
    • (Don't hang around campus chatting with friends).
    • Do model Brooker Creek Pride while on post, in class, or in the community.
    • Do follow all school wide rules at all times.
    Safety Patrol is a big responsibility, but we want it to be a fun and rewarding experience for you. Always feel free to talk to your Safety Patrol Teachers about any problems or concerns you have.