• Welcome to Brooker Creek's Media Center

    The mission of Brooker Creek Elementary Library Media Program is to provide students with the skills and resources to become independent critical readers, thinkers, and informational explorers for the 21st Century. We will accomplish this by providing a collection of resources and information that will satisfy the educational needs and interests of students and staff in a flexible setting where students may develop the skills they need to analyze, evaluate, interpret, and communicate information and ideas. 


    Materials Available For checkout

    Students can check out books, magazines and ebooks.

    Parents can check out up to three books under their child’s name 

    Library Hours: 

    8:15-8:30 Before School Returns and Check outs

    8:55-2:55 Library Open 

    2:55-3:30pm After school on Mondays


    Checkout Period

    Books - up to 2 weeks with an additional 2-week renewal.

    Books in high demand will be renewed at the discretion of the Media Specialist.

    Magazines – one week only.

    Library Schedule

    The library schedule is a flexible one. Teachers will be provided with a sign-up schedule each year that assigns a biweekly 30-minute block that includes a media lesson and class book check outs. Media lessons are planned to align with grade level standards along with AASL, ISTE, NETS and Florida B.E.S.T guidelines and standards. Teachers can also reserve additional time blocks for book checkouts, makerspace, information literacy lessons, or research by signing up on the digital Media Center schedule.

    Small Groups of Students to the Media Center

    Students  may also visit the media center in a small groups with teacher permission. 

    • K-2 (groups of 3) (K students may only come in small groups 2nd semester of each school year)
    • 3-5 (groups of up to 5)

    Media Center Rules and Expectations: 

    • Use a quiet voice - level 0 or 1 whisper voices
    • Walking Only
    • Keep your hands and body parts to yourself
    • Treat books with respect
    • Always use a “Shelf Marker” to replace the book on the shelf exactly where you found it …. if you choose not to check it out.
    • Treat all books with care
    • Return the library books on time

    Overdue, Lost and Damaged Library Materials

    There is no daily charge for overdue books; however, student check out privileges will be suspended whenever a student has overdue, lost or damaged materials.

    Students can again check out once the matter is resolved as follows:


    Overdue -- The book or magazine must be returned to the library or brought in and renewed for another one or two weeks.

    Lost - Parents are responsible for paying the replacement cost for any lost items. Payment must be made in cash or by check made out to BCE.

    If repayment causes financial difficulties, please communicate with the Media Specialist via note, email, or phone to have the fee waved.


    All payments are receipted, and receipts are given to students to bring home to their parents. Should a student find and return a lost book, they can return it for a refund.

    The book must be returned with a note requesting a refund before May 1st of the current school year to receive a refund. 



    Contact Infornation

    Danielle Gabbert, Library Media Technology Specialist