• Celebrate National Literacy Week   

    Brooker Creek Book Swap

     TBA for 2020-2021 School Year 

    Brooker Creek Elementary students are invited celebrate Literacy Week by participating in a Book Swap (date TBA)  in the Media Center. Bring in your gently used books and trade them in for “new to you” books to read!  Here’s how our Book Swap will work:


    1. At home, decide which of your gently used books would be good to pass on to another student. (If a book does not meet the donation guidelines, it will not be accepted)


    Donation Guidelines:

    • Hardcover or softcover books
    • Chapter books, picture books, joke books, etc. (chapter books are in big demand)
    • Books must be appropriate reading for PreK-5 students.
    • No adult books, magazines, coloring books, or board books
    • Books must be in good condition: with no stains, rips, missing pages, or writing in them


    1. Donated books will be accepted starting TBA.  Book donations will also be accepted during the Book Swap.


    To avoid books being donated without permission, parents must sign a permission slip before books can be donated to the Swap. Students should bring this slip with them when they donate the books. No child may swap books without a signed permission slip or parent note.


    1. Students will receive a “Book Buck” for each book donated with a limit of ten per student. The Book Bucks can then be used to purchase books at the Book Swap. Students are responsible for their own Book Bucks; we will not keep track of them.


    This year students will be limited to ten book bucks.  However, they may bring in more than ten books; if they wish to donate them to the swap for others to enjoy.  Please remember they must be in good condition and meet the donation guidelines above. Students will receive a Book Buck for each book they donate.


    1. Students may visit the Media Center to browse the book selection and use their book bucks to trade for a “new to them” book to take home and read.


    All trades are final and all Book Bucks not spent by the end of the Swap are invalid (they cannot be used after the Book Swap or saved for another year). Any books not exchanged will be placed into the Library Free Book Program.

     book Swap 2

    No money will be exchanged for the Book Swap. This is strictly a book recycling activity.

    Book Swap Sponsor
    Danielle Gabbert, LMTS